by tmjanecek 23 Jan 2008

There doesn't seem to be too many flowers being given to those who have shown us their wonderful projects. Why don't we explore them and give kudos (flowers)? Besides, we might get a few ideas...


by freida 27 Jan 2008

Hi, some weeks ago the flowers went back to zero when that part of the site was revamped. Just one of those things.

by lr2008 25 Jan 2008

so everytime we leave a comment someone gets a flower..I need to go thank everyone who posted on my pics. so they will get a flower!!! Yippee passing the love around with a little flower..

ruthie by ruthie 25 Jan 2008

lr2008, not quite. Everytime you leave a comment that person gets a comment. If you want them to have a flower, either instead of a comment *or* as well as a comment you need to click on the orange flower beside their name. Here's one for you, I enjoy passing love around with these little flowers too.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 28 Mar 2008

Yes, we all love the flowers. *4U

by lr2008 25 Jan 2008

may I ask what does the little flower mean?? other than nice job...?

by ruthie 23 Jan 2008

I agree, give flowers, there is some beautiful work there, not to mention some very good ideas. Flowers are fairly new to the Projects section so maybe people haven't caught on to it yet. The Projects pages have recently changed, and flowers added, which would account for the older projects not having any/many flowers. Here's a flower for you.

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tmjanecek by tmjanecek 24 Jan 2008

Thank you so much ruthie...