by elizabethak 25 Nov 2010

My garden's stopped growing!! How about increasing it?


by barbara68 29 Nov 2010

You only think in flowers... Take it easy! With time you are going to get. Have you been giving????
This competition is very unpleasant.

by claudenicolas 29 Nov 2010

Another flower, you see, it is easy you put questions and answers here, and your bouquet will grow up

by rwalden 29 Nov 2010

Here's another *4U.

by wendymay60 29 Nov 2010

elizabethak! have you given out flowers to all who have answered your comment? *4u all

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ansalu by ansalu 29 Nov 2010

One from me 4u ;o)

by kttyhwk4 28 Nov 2010

You receive flowers by gifting flowers to other Cuties as well as asking and answering question and don't forget to post projects.

by airyfairy 28 Nov 2010

I do not think that one needs to ask for flowers - I do not think that is the idea. Just be patient and just have fun here on the site. It is not a competition. I cannot believe how fast our gardens grow on this truly wonderful site. *4U

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neuza by neuza 29 Nov 2010


by ansalu 28 Nov 2010

Agree with ramona: Posting interesting things or questions will bring you flowers but they don't have to "rush in" all the time...
We are here to have fun and meet friends; not to make a competition how many flowers somebody get's in a short time even when newbies seems to be impatient ;o)

by ramona 28 Nov 2010

Ask or answer a question, post a project or even just something interesting you want to talk about. Give flowers to others and your flowers will grow!

by castelyn 26 Nov 2010

Elizabeth here is another *4u Hugs Yvonne

by haydebug 26 Nov 2010

Here is a flower *

by gerryvb 26 Nov 2010

here you are

by kathyjt 26 Nov 2010

Here's u 1 *

by jofrog2000 26 Nov 2010

Give a tip, share a story, ask for help in a project, post a freebie (in the freebie section), and the flowers will come.

by mranderson 26 Nov 2010

We have had far too much rain here in the last couple of months I would be only too happy to send some rain to your garden to get it flowering again.
* 4U.

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lique by lique 26 Nov 2010

must say I would be happy with rain. We have sleet snow and more slurry. My garden is one muddy mess! The only good thing is that the birds brighten the lot up on the various bird tables we have.

by fannyfurkin 25 Nov 2010

No problem, all you had to do was ask. lol. *4U

by shilly 25 Nov 2010

We all hit a dry spell once in a while, I'll start the watering again....

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elizabethak by elizabethak 25 Nov 2010

Thank you and it's time for me to go to work - maybe by the time I get home I will have received a whole bouquet!

by babsie 25 Nov 2010

Don't worry, be happy! Here's one for you *

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elizabethak by elizabethak 25 Nov 2010

And one for you -thank you

by bevintex 25 Nov 2010

a flower for you!

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elizabethak by elizabethak 25 Nov 2010

Thank you - and one for you!
God Bless