by lyn4 25 Nov 2010

I remember reading on how to change the colour of a white design, to view through customiser. I have looked through dozens of pages to no avail. I thought Meganne, originally wrote about it.


by kttyhwk4 25 Nov 2010

See you may have gotten your answer as for me I haven't a clue so I'll just ttt

by mpo14011 25 Nov 2010

To see a white design in customizer, click on the right hand box where your design is. Then click on View. A box will come up. Click on Background colour and change the colour to whatever you wish. Then you will see the design.
Don't forget to click on the right hand box first.
Where abouts in Adelaide are you from? I live in the Tea Tree Gully area.

joann1 by joann1 25 Nov 2010

thank you, I was wondering that too.joann

lyn4 by lyn4 25 Nov 2010

Thank you, Ricky. It's so easy, when you know how. I am going through my designs, that have been accumulating for far too long. Oh what a job!! I live near Marion.

pennifold by pennifold 25 Nov 2010

Hi Lyn - I'm from Adelaide too - left when I was 21. We lived in Glenelg when young and then Reynella till I got married. Then we lived in Norwood.

Just went home at the beginning of November and couldn't get over the fabulous roses. I took Mum to the Marion shopping centre - gee that has grown!!!! Love and blessings Chris

lyn4 by lyn4 25 Nov 2010

I believe they intend to add, another 100 shops to the KMart end. Not sure if this is still going to happen, as it is awhile, since I have read anything.

by karenjay 25 Nov 2010

Not sure if I am reading your question correctly. If I have a white design I change the colour to anything else, red, green etc, then I can see the design. Perhaps we need more info on what software you have?

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lyn4 by lyn4 25 Nov 2010

I am using Customizer 10000 Plus Version 3.6. Trouble is, it has been ages since I last used it. My memory is failing, or should I say failed.