by elizabethak 22 Nov 2010

Ha - burnt the pot while reading all the Cutie messages!!!!


by lbrow 22 Nov 2010

oh! oh! Did the fire alarm go off?

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elizabethak by elizabethak 22 Nov 2010

In SA no fire alarms are installed - at least not in my house and it's not compulsary!
Thank goodness I smelt it before it got too bad! But still need to SCRUB the pot!

by leenova54 22 Nov 2010

Been there, done that! Hubby isn't sure if my new hobby is a good thing or a bad thing. All the stops at JoAnn's and the asking if I can order this or that (don't have income of my own so I always ask first) and now, tomorrow he is driving me over 2 hours away to go to the nearest Ikea store to get a couple of the lamps that Bettina (anselu) makes covers for! What a guy!

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bevintex by bevintex 22 Nov 2010

What a guy indeed. Do you know how blessed you are?

by theduchess 22 Nov 2010

GEE!! And to think all this time I've just been burning stuff! Will have to blame it on Cuties next time! Hee Hee!!

by kttyhwk4 22 Nov 2010

This is just one of the hazards of being a "Cutie".

by beatie58 22 Nov 2010

Oh well! another pot hits the dust...never mind you had much more important things to attend to on cute... were you warning in the begining it is addictive!!!!

by keeponsewing 22 Nov 2010

Yep you are officially a CUTIE! hehehe.

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beatie58 by beatie58 22 Nov 2010

This certainly looks like us cuties!!!

by devon 22 Nov 2010

I know what you mean. I have my laptop on the bar arcoss from the stove and still forget it!! Love this place. DeVon

by bevintex 22 Nov 2010

Cute can make you forget the cooking, forget to pick up the kids and make you forget to let the dog in and put the cat out. But isn't it fun?

by caroldann 22 Nov 2010

My wonderful hubby suggested I dl a timer for my laptop. I guess there has been too many "Oh, my gosh, thought I had that on low!" Carol

by dlonnahawkins 22 Nov 2010

I think we all have done that - I set off our fire alarms when I forgot the fish I put on the stove - and what a stink! Hubby always tells me - don't burn dinner when he hears me on my keyboard while dinner is cooking. LOL

by asterixsew Moderator 22 Nov 2010

Been there and burnt the pot while getting totally carried away on Cute. Took ages to get it clean again, so hope you fair better

by bevgrift 22 Nov 2010

I have a timer on the stove so I set that when I leave the pot. Growing up 5 children got me into this habit.
Enjoy Your supper.
From Bev

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elizabethak by elizabethak 22 Nov 2010

I guess I'm too impatient - can't stand waiting for things to cook so wander off to find something to do - inevitable burnt pot!! Timer = don't always hear it!

by rwalden 22 Nov 2010

I've about done that a few times. It's hard to tear yourself away here. Welcome to the cute family. *4U Reva

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elizabethak by elizabethak 22 Nov 2010

Thank you - supposed to be sewing - have a couple of projects to complete to send off to East London some 3hours drive but found this more interesting.