by stitchinkate 21 Nov 2010

Caitlyn's mom sent me a picture of her with her cards and angels I am sharing with you, along with a picture of her before and after x-rays so you can see how successful the surgery was. Again, I thank all of you for sending to her. Her mom said she hopes to send thank you cards but money has been so tight since Caitlyn's surgery and her own surgery that they haven't been able to yet.


by dlonnahawkins 22 Nov 2010

Thank you for posting this - and tell Caitlyn's mother this is thanks enough to see a picture of her with her cards and angels. Many of us send angels out, and never get to see the recipient.

by claudenicolas 22 Nov 2010

Thank you for those good new from Kaitlyn, Those pictures are the best thanks

by greysewist Moderator 22 Nov 2010

What great before and afters those xrays are! Terrific story. So happy for her and her mum.

by mops Moderator 22 Nov 2010

Great to see her smiling face! No need for thank-you's (I did not include my address anyway, just name and country).

by bevgrift 21 Nov 2010

Thank you for the update.Please tell Caitlyn how happy I am to see her wonderful smile and hugs to her and her Family.
From Bev

by keeponsewing 21 Nov 2010

Hey Kate! I've missed seeing you around. Hope all has been well. Thank you for the pictures of Caitlyn, she is a cutie. PTL for the results on her surgery. We will continue to pray for finances. Just trust the Lord... No worries about the thank you cards, just use that money toward the debt of the surgery.... Thanks again for sharing this with us. So glad she enjoys her angels... Hugs, Terre

stitchinkate by stitchinkate 21 Nov 2010

Thanks Terre...I haven't had time to be online much lately and probably won't be here much from now until spring. Winter is my time to crawl in my cave and quilt and I find I get a lot more done if I try to limit my time on the computer.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 22 Nov 2010

Your quilts are amazing. I love your website. No wonder you like to retreat into your cav

ansalu by ansalu 22 Nov 2010

Wow was just looking in the sewing-cave. I love the graduation-quilt; what a wonderful idea and such a lovely memory.
Can I ask where you bought the gingerbread-doll-in-the-hoop-design? Looks so lovely nearly can smell christmas :o)
Greetings, Bettina

stitchinkate by stitchinkate 22 Nov 2010

Bettina, I digitized the gingerbread doll. The design is mine because I also did the artwork for it so I can send it to you with instructions if you have a hoop to accomodate it. Send me a private message with your email address. I would post it here but it takes a pretty large hoop and not everyone would be able to use it.

by shirlener88 21 Nov 2010

Thank you so much Kate, seeing Catilyn with a smile on her face with her cards and angels is so wonderful - thank her mother for the gesture of wanting to send thank you cards - we are pleased to see her like this - what a blessing! *4U

by kttyhwk4 21 Nov 2010

Thanks you cards aren't necessary ... just to see this precious little girl recovering is all the thanks I need. Spotted my angel and card in the pic
thanks for posting it for us.

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 22 Nov 2010

I agree. I wouldn't want to impose the cost of postage. Seing her picture is thank you enough

by stitchinkate 21 Nov 2010

Just seeing her sitting cross legged on the floor is thank you enough for me. That couldn't happen before the surgery.

by caroldann 21 Nov 2010

Seeing the angel and card I sent was thank-you enough. I never expected a thank you card in return. I did it to bring a little joy into a precious little girls life. Thank you so much for the pictures. Carol

by holly12 21 Nov 2010

Please tell Caitlyn's Mom not to bother sending thank you's. Seeing her picture here and having you tell us is plenty. I understand when you want to do something and the money just isn't there. I appreciate that she wants to do it but tell her to Get Caitlyn some candy or something, but tell her thanks for the gesture. Arlene

by stitchinkate 21 Nov 2010

Pics of Caitlyn

by stitchinkate 21 Nov 2010

Attempting to upload, please be patient.