by suzettebritz 20 Nov 2010

I think I damaged the balnce of the bobbin spooler (thing that winds the bobbin). Thread got caught underneath the bobbin, whilst it was busy winding. I pulled it off, had to cut some off and now the bobbin doesn't wind properly. From the start it winds on the bottom part for quite a while, then top part (still OK) but later it starts making loops on the bobbin. Can you help me to try and fix?


by bevgrift 20 Nov 2010

I think you must try to get this thread out.I have used a pin to try get a loop or end from under there then try to pull gently and wind the thread in the opposite direction,if you don't get it out it will cause a strain on the winder.
Hope you can fix the problem!
From Bev

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suzettebritz by suzettebritz 20 Nov 2010

Thanks Bev, Will look again, but I thought I had it all out! Maybe not!