by modo 14 Nov 2010

What is the best for water soluble backing?



by pcteddyb 15 Nov 2010

This is the mesh-like (aka vilene) water soluble stabilizer with a sticky side to it. It is like Solvy "sticky" but is a wash-away (where that is a tear-away). I use the "sticky method" for my embroidery where you hoop sticky stabilizer then stick the item to be embroidered on top (you don't hoop the item itself). I use a BUNCH of this stuff and I really like it (you use a patch of other stabilizer (like iron on cutaway for t-shirts) then stick it all to the sticky and sew away). You would not need the sticky kind for things like FSL (in fact it is terrible for FSL - added some scraps to a layer of regular vilene and could not get it rinsed out) - you would just want the regular vilene. I have used the Floriani and World Weidner brands - the first is stickier than the latter.

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modo by modo 15 Nov 2010

Very interesting. thank you so much

by moyed 14 Nov 2010

MichelleI have not come across the one you describe.
Personally I prefer the vilene wss. I use only one layer and it works perfectly, even with stitching the whole hoop with designs. If I need it to stick I use the spray on adhesive. I have found the plastic type splits with the stitiching.

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modo by modo 14 Nov 2010


by dlonnahawkins 14 Nov 2010

There are 2 different ones that I like. I first used badgemaster, which is a plastic type of WSS. The other one is Vilene, which is more like a fabric. There are several good places to buy it. Good luck with your search.

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modo by modo 14 Nov 2010