by notespinner 13 Nov 2010

The design I'm searching for is "Let's Do Lunch" #4346787. AS I can only do 4"x4" designs, I was hoping to get that size file without going through the MANY pages of designs by Cuties to find it.

Help. Please.........


by leenova54 13 Nov 2010

Boy, you got your answer quick, aren't cuties just the best? Welcome to the cute family and if you haven't put your name and location on the list that is going to Ellen asking for help for Shrilene and Rick, please do so!

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notespinner by notespinner 16 Nov 2010

Aren't they, though. Thank you for the nice "Welcome". I've put my name on the list.

by danababes 13 Nov 2010

Here are the links to the designs you're looking for :) xXx

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notespinner by notespinner 16 Nov 2010

Thank you, so much. I have grandbabies to make bibs for and only can do the 4x4. This is such a cute sentiment. I'm going to put the little hand print with it.
Once again, Thank you.