by karenjay 10 Nov 2010

I tried to download a design but it says I have to renew my subscription. I don't want to overload Veronika if this issue is still being worked on.


by mary51 17 Nov 2010

I would like to know when it is activated I am in the same situation, my membership expired the 7th, planning to renew my membership I am waiting for Christmas time there is always a discount in the membership. Last time I had to choose between this site or Amazing so I paid my membership for Cute, hope miss Veronica will have a sale soon.

by karenjay 17 Nov 2010

Does anyone know if Veronika has had a chance to do the one month extension yet. I don't want to overload her if it is still being worked on.

by mops Moderator 11 Nov 2010

It applies to both CuteEmbroidery and AmazingEmbroideryDesigns, but I think Veronika's still working on it and we just have to wait for it to be added. Now I can easily say that, mine don't expire for a long time, in your case I can see it's a bit awkward.

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deirdre by deirdre 11 Nov 2010


by deirdre 11 Nov 2010

I dont think it applies to cute-site, I do think it is for 1 of the sistersites tho... Maybe amazing site.

by kttyhwk4 10 Nov 2010

I don't think it has been activated as of patient as Miss Veronika has had a lot going on and if she said memberships will be extended then they will be. May take a few days after all there are lots of Cute members out here. BTW...WELCOME to Cute don't recall seeing you here before.

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karenjay by karenjay 11 Nov 2010

I've been here for a while, don't post often but do give lots of flowers. Thanks everyone for their input - I will wait for a while so Veronika can try and catch up with herself, before I do anything regarding the membership extentsion.

by sewmom 10 Nov 2010

I just checked mine and it has not changed.

by clawton 10 Nov 2010

I don't believe that has been done yet as mine has not been extended either.

by ingrid68 10 Nov 2010

Mine expired on the 9th and I wasn't able to get on until the 10th.

by mary51 10 Nov 2010

I have the same problem mine expired the 7th so i guess they have not added the extra month, i hope for at least three extra days