by ravyn 12 Jan 2008

I needed to get a LOT of quick items done to decorate our Valentines tree, so these are what I'm making! They're a fast in-the-hoop project & look really

cute when they're done. Free design downloads at
(scroll to bottom of page for freebies)


by oaro 19 Sep 2013

very nice

by mops Moderator 19 Sep 2013

This is a very old post (Jan 2008) and at the time you could download all variations. I remember her having serious health issues 3 or 4 years ago, that might have been the reason she stopped working on the site.

by justsew 19 Sep 2013

Great little hearts . I have spent a long time looking for the design,but I can see the link for them and I would realy ike it , can you try again please.
Hugs pam.

by CnelsDesigns 18 Sep 2013

I love this idea. Have you seen Christmas ornaments done in-the-hoop?