by embroiderymad 27 Oct 2010

of some OLD posts by the group controling the voting. It was stated that they have some non-embroidery friends voting for their requests.

This was an OLD post and may no longer be true. However since there is only a hand full who post there and most of the requests come from the same people apart from a few and the one's I suggested go there for help.

I believe they still have some very good friends who are happy to log on and vote for them. This is not good for our requests but probably very good for this site as it would bring in extra traffic to the site.

When I offered to do the DAILY VOTING REQUEST it was never my intention to control it just to help people with their missed letters. I have got a buzz out of helping when we have helped someone get their missed letter.

I have allow this to take up to much of my time and with people who are voting not for designs they want but just to help out a friend then we really don't have much luck at old letters.

The only time we will win missed letters is straight after a new alpha if it is on their list.

It is wounderful to see so many trying to work together. I wish everyone luck with their letters and will vote for any requests.
Happy Embroidering


by shilly 28 Oct 2010

Am adding a BIG THANK YOU; like the others,I was trying to lend a helping hand. Applause for your success at rallying everyone to get those letters-U have helped more than a few and were quite generous with your time; from here on out, we'll try and muddle through. Hope to see you around the site; we need more like you.****:-))))

by gerryvb 28 Oct 2010

thank you for all the good work you do, to help other cuties!!

by workbecky 28 Oct 2010

Thank you for trying. I know it must have been time consuming.

by eyeztodiefor10 28 Oct 2010

I thought we were doing quite well with the Christmas font. It was up last year and now it's back thanks to everyone voting.
You do a marvelous job of getting folks to vote, thank you, I may need your help someday! lol

by sewmom 27 Oct 2010

Thank you for trying. It's going to be hard now to know what to vote for.

by pcteddyb 27 Oct 2010

Thanks for all the work you did for the cuties. Understand what a task it must have been. I will watch for others to request votes in the future. Thanks again.

by almag 27 Oct 2010

I like to vote to help people get the letters they need. When a link is added it's easy to click on that and then go straight to the letter.

I know what it's like,just needing a special letter so I finally budgeted and bought memberships and occasionally I outlay the $6 introductory price if any new alphabet takes my fancy.

It concerns me sometimes that you have spent so much time helping others for very little gratitude. Free designs should not be the cause of dissention and I'm sure that Veronika never meant them to become such. She is extremely generous with her free, quality designs on all of her four sites but there really are only two ways to be sure of getting all the alphabet letters one wants, and that's to be either on the ball every day or buy the sets.

I'm sure the people you have helped have been more than grateful and the people you have tried unsuccessfully to help should be equally as grateful.


by caroldann 27 Oct 2010

Just a "Thank-you" for all you did to keep the voting organized. I never needed the letters, but like many of the other cuties enjoyed voting and trying to help those that did. Carol

by moyed 27 Oct 2010


We are grateful for all your time and effort. Helen

by leenova54 27 Oct 2010

I thought it was odd that a letter we wanted was ahead when I went to bed and in the morning a letter that didn't even seem to be in the running got the most votes. Isn't fair but nothing we can do to stop it. Thanks for all the effort in reading all those messages last night!

by mooie24 27 Oct 2010

You are a true Diamond Helping with the voting requests You have most likey helped more people
then your ever know :-)
Sening you a huge hug from London
Maria xx

by 02kar Moderator 27 Oct 2010

You have been doing a good job under trying circumstances. I have memberships, but have been glad that you took on this very big job.

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Oct 2010

Thanks for trying. You gave it your best. I too have membership to both, but know that not everyone can afford that.

by jrob Moderator 27 Oct 2010

Thanks for your effort. I didn't always comment, but I did vote. I have membership, so I was just trying to help, too. You are a treasure.

by asterixsew Moderator 27 Oct 2010


by gayle950 27 Oct 2010

Thank you for all the time you put into the arranging the voting.

by shirlener88 27 Oct 2010

thanks for you help in getting letters for the CUTE family