by cathiejones 27 Oct 2010

2 days ago I missed 2 free letters from Cute alphabet and amazing embroidery because I couldn't log in.

Somebody said to me: it's because there is too many people logged in and stay log in after they are finished with the site.

"'s the pot calling the kettle black", I've learned that expression in college recently !! and I like it !
...because I am also to blame as I keep several tab open on my window.
So I promise today to log off when I am finished.
Do it too !!

Cathie french lady from the UK


by dilceia 29 Oct 2010

Thanks for the info Cathie!.

by spendlove Moderator 29 Oct 2010

I'm not an expert, but as I understand it, every time you go to the site, you're automatically logged in with the information stored in a cookie (held in your computer). When you close the browser or leave the site, your session is ended. Because the cookie logs you on automatically, it seems from your point of view that you are logged onto the site all the time - but in reality, you aren't. There may well have a problem when there are too many active sessions on the website, but that's because the servers or bandwidth can't cope with the number of people accessing it at one time - not because people don't log off.

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theduchess by theduchess 22 Nov 2010

Asked my Computer expert and he agrees with you.

by cathiejones 27 Oct 2010

KeepOnSewing, I don't think it is necessary to take that tone. Are you a computer expert ?
"...Did I say that right so it is clear..." it is not a way to talk to people

by 02kar Moderator 27 Oct 2010

Thanks for the info.

by keeponsewing 27 Oct 2010

Okay, here is the thing about this. Unless this website has only an alloted amount of space provided for each of us then yes we are taking up that space if we stay logged in all the time. But I'm sure that isn't the case here because this is too big of a website to only allow so much space per person. Logging in and staying logged in doesn't effect this website IF your computer isn't running. I use OPERA and it keeps me logged in but doesn't open the website until I actually click on the website. Basically you are just logged in locally and not on the website until you bring it up. So I hope that helps clear up some of the misconception of taking up space on a website that has unlimited space. I do notice that on weekends it is sometimes hard to get on, but it isn't because someone who has shut their computer down and didn't "logoff" is taking up the space. Did I say that right so it is clear? I hope so. Hugs, Terre

teddybear117 by teddybear117 27 Oct 2010

Thank You for your explanation and it makes a lot of sense. How could you possibly take up 'space' if you are not logged on. Besides, on weekends even though I do not sign off CUTE, I also have trouble at times getting on.

caroldann by caroldann 27 Oct 2010

I agree with Terre. My computer is set up the same way and we are not taking up space if we stay logged in and our computers are off. Carol

nanniesara by nanniesara 28 Oct 2010

Thanks for explaining it to all of us. Most everybody appreciate the info. Keep on informing us. I know at times the site is very busy and a notice will come up on my screen and tell me the site is busy.

by quilter124 27 Oct 2010

I'm guilty too, but when I do log off, I have all kinds of problems trying to log back I just kept it up ......will log off from now on......

by leenova54 27 Oct 2010

Wow, I have NEVER logged off of this site or any other ones except for banking and prescriptions. Never log off my email either. One more darn thing I will have to remember I guess.

by rmj8939 27 Oct 2010

I am one more that is guilty. Sorry.

by workbecky 27 Oct 2010

I'm guilty too. Thank you for this comment.

by mooie24 27 Oct 2010

Oh Gosh then I am very guitly
as I dont log of from my home pc..only my work one! so sorry
I saw the site was down a little last night..
I truly did not realise this :-)
Will ensure I log of in future
Big hugs from London
Maria xx

by shirlener88 27 Oct 2010

Yes, I log off each time and on again, it seems to ease the load some.