by tonilee 25 Oct 2010

and most would say how would i not know that. i put it to dry on a sham wow, its absorbent right, no it picks up all the orange fuzzes. at least its orange fuzzes. hugs. Toni lee


by kttyhwk4 25 Oct 2010

I dry my FSL on the plastic canvas sheets, that way air gets to the underside too and they dry quickly. If I have a few that want to curl up I just lay another sheet over them and set something on top...usually a can of something from the pantry. DH has quit asking why I have cans of food all over the loves the fsl almost as much as me. BTW...In case your don't already realize it you're hooked on fsl too.

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tonilee by tonilee 26 Oct 2010

kitthwk4, love your name, your canvas idea sounds like a real good idea, still lets the air to it, you are a genus hugs. Toni lee

by 02kar Moderator 25 Oct 2010

Yea, you are on your way to being an addicted embroiderer who cannot stop.

by keeponsewing 25 Oct 2010

Love doing FSL and ITH items... So much fun... Wish I had another smaller embroidery machine just for my FSL's. Maybe one day. I'm still trying to convince my DH that it was a "good thing" the day he bought me this one. hehehe...

by leenova54 25 Oct 2010

I dry mine on an open weave type of pressing cloth. Isn't FSL just the coolest thing you have seen? I love it!

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tonilee by tonilee 25 Oct 2010

sounds better then the sham wow, thanks for the tip. hugs Toni

by babsie 25 Oct 2010

I put my FSL on a cookie cooling rack, works great and when dry I put it between flat glass pieces with a potplant on top for weight.

tonilee by tonilee 25 Oct 2010

thank you for the tip, you only hear great things like that at cuties, hugs Toni

kalinelson by kalinelson 25 Oct 2010

I love this tip, I'll do this from now on....thanks so much.