by beeboomer 24 Oct 2010

If you have downloaded the snowflake, check to make sure it will open in your software, The VIP HUS and XXX don't work. The PES does work. I haven't tried the rest. It will probably still be available for a bit longer, maybe just until the change tomorrow.

While you are at it, make sure you don't forget the Sticky Christmas font.


by kalinelson 24 Oct 2010

I just went and downloaded the JEF and it says no stitches.....I'll go back and download the PES and convert it.....thanks so much for letting us know

by colonies1 24 Oct 2010

thank you for the reminder

by leenova54 24 Oct 2010

Thanks, isn't that the prettiest snowflake you ever saw? I am going to do it on one of my felt hanging thingies. The ones where I use 1/2 sheet felt, sew a pocket at the top and put a dowel rod through then take a piece of ribbon and tie to each end of the rod to hang them up. I posted some of them in projects if you want to look them up! Cute, fun and very quick to make!

by jofrog2000 24 Oct 2010

Thanks, I had the vip one,

by jacquipaul 24 Oct 2010

Thank you;

by beeboomer 24 Oct 2010


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jacquipaul by jacquipaul 24 Oct 2010

Thank you;