by gayle950 23 Oct 2010

read only card. thanks gayle


by danababes 24 Oct 2010

hrm yes, well your software is right, the card is indeed read only, and perhaps you were trying to save your changed design onto that card, which is why you got the msg? You can only save onto a blank/rewriteable card (ie not one which came with designs on it).

I'm not sure if this is right, but I'm thinking you'd have to open the design (from the card, via PE Design Lite), edit the file to add the text, and then save onto a different card. Hope someone else can help you out :) xXx

by bettyboop13 23 Oct 2010

What kind of sewing machine do you have? If you have a Brothers? You can add the text after you load the design if you do. What kind of Software do you have? If you have embirds you can open the design in editor and add an alpha and then merge it.

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gayle950 by gayle950 24 Oct 2010

I have a brother PE200 and 750D. The only software I have is Ped basic and PE Design lite. You mean after I load the design in the machine. My screen is very small and not very clear. I would like to see it on the large screen so I could
move the text to the right place. thanks