by caroldann 23 Oct 2010

It Works! I tried danababes tip on knotting the bobbin threads and rewinding the thread. danababes had answered a prev. post about always needing bobbins, so I figured I'd give it a try. Carol


by danababes 24 Oct 2010

Awww come on.. *blush* .. ya think I'd give you all bad advice? lol. I've done it for ages myself in both my Janome sewing machine and my mega-fussy Brother embroidery machine, and I never have a problem with either machine when using knotted bobbin threads... which is why I mentioned it, if I'm saving a few cents on bobbin thread, you all should :) xXx

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caroldann by caroldann 24 Oct 2010

Hey girl, you need to submit this idea to emblibrary if you haven't yet. Carol

by airyfairy 24 Oct 2010

This sounds one of the best ideas in a long time. I will try it. Having got fed up with wasting so much bobbin thread, I usually let it run out and then go back on my embroidery and start again with a new bobbin. I hate wasting anything - must have something to do with being bought up at the end of the war. Hehe!

by ssampsel 23 Oct 2010

i have tried this too since dadababes worked for me & i think i have the most stubborn machine ever!! thanks danababes.

by leenova54 23 Oct 2010

Sounds like a cool idea if it works on all machines, I think mine gives me enough trouble without me looking for more, lol!

theduchess by theduchess 24 Oct 2010

Thanks for the advice you gave on the use of the WSS My cross and book mark came out perfect. Stella

leenova54 by leenova54 24 Oct 2010

Glad I could help someone for a change, I am usually the one needing help.

by judybell 23 Oct 2010

Thanks for the tip. Will give it a try. Judy

by psssst 23 Oct 2010

I am guessing this is to fill one bobbin of thread if you have several partial bobbins of the same thread?

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danababes by danababes 24 Oct 2010

yep :) xXx

by honeychyle 23 Oct 2010

More details please!

caroldann by caroldann 23 Oct 2010

You can knot the bobbin threads together, then cut close to the knot. Put one bobbin on your bobbin winder, and the other on your thread holder .. go really slow to make sure your bobbin-being-refilled is spinning the correct way (if not, flip it upside down and put it back on the bobbin winder) .. fill till full. I do this with both embroidery bobbin thread and regular thread on my sewing machine, your machine wont even notice the knot :) xXx

Here's how to do it. I copied & pasted danabes post.

sewbadly by sewbadly 23 Oct 2010

I don't mean to be pesty.... but, how is it possible to wind a bobbin the wrong way? Are some bobbins not reversible?

wendymay60 by wendymay60 24 Oct 2010

if it is on the wrong way with thread on it, it will unwind instead of winding more on

katydid by katydid 24 Oct 2010

Been there, done that. He He!!

sewbadly by sewbadly 24 Oct 2010

Makes sense now. Thanks.

by sewbadly 23 Oct 2010

I don't understand. Are you knotting the thread when you start the bobbin? Please explain. thanks

caroldann by caroldann 23 Oct 2010

sewbadly, see the above answer to honeychyle's post. Hope this helps.

sewbadly by sewbadly 23 Oct 2010

I will try that... I have only had my machine for a short time but the number of partially filled bobbins continues to amaze me.... what a fantastic solution... hope my machine is not particular.

by joann13100 23 Oct 2010

Cool--I'll have to try that.

by bevintex 23 Oct 2010

It does work! i tried it also, one of the best tips I have had in a long time. She ought to send it to emblibrary.It never occoured to me to do this.