by bkd147 05 Jan 2008

I hope someone can help me find a free embroidery design of the (TNT) Ninija Turtle I am trying to find one for a grandson. Thanks


by freida 08 Jan 2008

Maybe you can find fabric with the turtles on it and cut them out and applique them on..

by freida 08 Jan 2008

The only way you can recreate Disney characters is to buy a franchise from them to reproduce the copyrighted items.

by sanjoy51 08 Jan 2008

Everything the girls have said is true but what about this, I read everything here and thought I have seen them on ebay, had a look and you can put a bid on 18 TMNT starting bid at $5.00 US have a look it is up to you what you do, but you wont get them free.

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cutiepie by cutiepie 09 Jan 2008

Those would be the illegally digitized type I was talking about. Anytime you can find that amount of designs for such a small price (esp. "famous" characters), you can pretty much guarantee that they are stolen in some fashion.

by thecraftycritter 07 Jan 2008

So, if I digitize the TMNT's for myself and use them, is that infringing on a copyright? Or is it only if I sell them. What if they are given away rather than sold?

mops by mops 07 Jan 2008

Even if you buy Disney characters you can't sell items. You really have to be very careful.

ravyn by ravyn 07 Jan 2008

That's a common misconception - there is no distinction between selling & gifting/personal use UNLESS the copyright owner themselves makes that distinction in their terms of use. It would still be a copyright infringement, regardless whether you profit from it or not. With *any* design (or artwork or any copyrighted work or any kind) you can only use it to whatever extent the copyright owner says you can. If a designer gives you permission to use it for personal use/gifts, then you can. If they permit it to be used for sale, you can. But the common thought that it's OK to use anything as long as you don't sell it is false. You can only do what the owner has given permission to do, and that will vary from one designer to the next, so you always need to check. With licensed characters, it's practically a certainty that they will not allow their image to be 'reproduced' in any form without paying them a licensing fee to do so, regardless what you intend to do with it afterwards. It sure can be a pain, when you want to make something & an embroidery design doesn't even exist out there. My hubby is a Tony Stewart fan & I really wanted to make him a framed embroidery with different Nascar stuff - but no such designs exist as far as I could find. I *could* have digitized some stuff myself, but it would have been illegal, so I just bought him some nice mini-posters instead :) Yeah, a Nascar official isn't going to show up at our house checking, but **I** would have known it was wrong so I didn't do it.

jrob by jrob 07 Jan 2008

"Character" is doing the right thing even when it is hard and no one is looking.

marjialexa by marjialexa 08 Jan 2008

I don't know anything about NASCAR, but I did hear my dealer talking to the Dakota Designs people about when the NASCAR designs were coming out, you might check Dakota for them. Good Luck

ravyn by ravyn 08 Jan 2008

Marjialexa, thanks so much for the heads-up!!! That's great news, I'll keep an eye out for them!

by cutiepie 06 Jan 2008

As Freida and Roberta said, the TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) are copyrighted characters. That means that if someone were to want to digitize them (legally) they would have to pay a fee. For Disney characters, the fee is huge, and that is why you can only buy Disney designs for certain machines (the Brother Disney Series) and can't even use those cards on any other Brother machine. You can sometimes find Disney designs that you can use on other machines (like on a CD) but they would be illegally digitized and not worth the hassles you could get. Disney guards its copyright with a vengeance! I don't know if anyone has even licensed the TMNT, but if you find them for anything "cheap", they will likely be illegally done as well.

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bkd147 by bkd147 06 Jan 2008

Thanks for the info and I have a flower for all of you

by freida 05 Jan 2008

most likely N Turtles has a copyright. you will probably need to buy it. Sorry to have to tell you.

roberta by roberta 06 Jan 2008

frieda is right. anything like that has a copyright and you won't find it free. just like the disney characters. it also has a copyright. sorry, but that 's just the way it is.

bkd147 by bkd147 06 Jan 2008