by tanuja 20 Oct 2010

Then I need to reload the design and recenter it to get the next colour in place. I would appreciate any tip on how to embroidery cross stitch, I love the look of cross stitch and would love to do some more. THANKS Tanuja


by pennifold 20 Oct 2010

Hi Tanuja,

I haven't done these as yet, but I love cross-stitch and when I've found that there is something missing, I wait till it is finished and if it is still there - I put the stitch in by hand!

You really can't notice the hand-stitched cross-stitch once it's all finished. Good luck!!

Love and blessings Chris

by gerryvb 20 Oct 2010

wish I could help you .If the 1st and 3rd went okay perhaps it's the design. Normally x stitches are the same to embroider as normal designs. Sometimes it seems to have a gap but is it filled later on . Hope it all comes to a happy end with the bed sheet.Sorry I cannot help you with more advice.

by shirlener88 20 Oct 2010

tanuja, is the design finished stitching yet? Because with some cross stitch designs - you don't realize that it is programed to stitch one color then the next - once it gets finished you will be amazed at how lovely it all comes together - which one of the ladies re you working on - can you take a picture and share it with us - so we can see what you mean?

I don't think - I would ever re-align a design - once it gets started - no matter how many thread color changes there were - unless for some reason - you might have bumped the machine or had it turn off during the stitching and you have to re-align it for some reason.

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tanuja by tanuja 20 Oct 2010

I am doing all 10 ladies ,the 1st 3 were perfect and then i started having problems,the thread breaks and the design losses its alignement,i have even used a little thicker needle n am going to try a thicker because as the design fills up there is more thread breakage.