by lv2sew 18 Oct 2010

I purchased the design for the hair clip cover from GG designs..I also bought a couple of the little felt stitchies for add ons..I figured I could do some small fsl to use on them as well..and also some crafty cuts from embroidery library...I bought the ribbon bookmark designs from emblibrary which will work out perfectly for the little hair clip covers.


by nana23 18 Nov 2010

Those are cute I bought some from there also

by rmj8939 14 Nov 2010

Very nice.

by teresanta 14 Nov 2010

molto carini!!

by jasanne 14 Nov 2010

What a lovely collection. I recognise most of the designs, but was wondering where the peppermint was from?

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lv2sew by lv2sew 15 Nov 2010

the peppermint design was from Planet Applique

by rwalden 21 Oct 2010

Very nice work. They are all so cute.

by noah 19 Oct 2010

Wow girls at your house got lots to choose from :):)I like the cat one best as violet is my color LOL Great job!!Carolyn

by neuza 19 Oct 2010

This is a beautiful work!

by lenamae 19 Oct 2010


by stickmuster 19 Oct 2010

Woow, adorable designs for hair clips. Lucky girl, your granddaughter *****

by juanitadenney 19 Oct 2010

These little hair clips are sooooo cute. You did a great job on them. *4U and everyone

by whtsands 19 Oct 2010

Very cute. I was going to try 3-D flowers and attach them to the same type of clips. These look a lot easier than 3-D flowers. Nice job.

by castelyn 19 Oct 2010

Very cute. Well done *4u Hugs Yvonne

by shirlener88 19 Oct 2010

great job.

by milas 19 Oct 2010

Pretty hair clip covers!

by drcindyl 18 Oct 2010

Thanks for the crafty cut idea, I have placed them on my wishlist and will wait for a sale. They end up being much cheaper than the single designs she sells at ggdesigns.

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drcindyl by drcindyl 18 Oct 2010

Oh, by the way. These barrette covers are on sale thru Tuesday night and if you enter "FIVE" as a coupon code, you get an extra $5 off a $15 purchase. You can use the code more than once.

by sukiray 18 Oct 2010

They are so adorable. One of a kind for the li'l princess who is going to wear them. Beautiful work.

by oaro 18 Oct 2010

very nice

by mysew1325 18 Oct 2010

very cute... these are just darling..

by smithandsmith 18 Oct 2010

so cute! great job