by stitchinkate 14 Oct 2010

Regarding Caitlyn, I need to know how to upload a picture of her. Thanks.


by lenamae 15 Oct 2010

thanks so much for posting the pictures I pray she is doing well .

by bevgrift 15 Oct 2010

Thanks for sharing. So sorry that this Family is having so many tough things all at the same time.
Please pass on my blessing that all will be fine with them very soon.
In my thoughts and Prayers.
From Bev

by stitchinkate 15 Oct 2010

I hope everyone who sent Caitlyn gets a chance to read this.

by dlmds 14 Oct 2010

Caitlyn is darling!! Thank you very much for the update. Wow, the family has been thru sooo much. Please tell them no one was accusing them of pulling a scam, just wondered what was happening with Caitlyn. Now we all know of their many struggles we all need to send more prayers their way. H&*

stitchinkate by stitchinkate 14 Oct 2010

No one was accusing Caitlyn of pulling a scam....but someone accused me of it. But hey, I'm a big girl and can take it. Thanks for your reply.

dlmds by dlmds 15 Oct 2010

God Bless you dear for the wonderful things you have done for this family. H&*

by quiltgrama 14 Oct 2010

thankyou for the update. Lisa

by stitchinkate 14 Oct 2010

Hi everyone. I wrote to Caitlyn's dad and asked for a picture of her with everything she received from all of you and this is his reply:

"Shawn Hardy
October 14, 2010 at 4:03pm
Re: please help
absolutely i can, its just been crazy around here with her surgery then her mom had to have a gall bladder removed then last week caitlyn's grandpa , her moms dad passed away so we had to take a trip to Nebraska but for surely i will get it to you today or tomorrow and you can pass the word on when things slow down around here we will be sending out thank you cards."
So, until then I am uploading 3 pictures of Caitlyn. One is of her and her mom at the Red Wing March of Dimes fundraiser taken before the surgery, the second picture is of her sleeping in the hospital the night before her surgery and the third is of her legs the day after the surgery. I want to thank you all again for helping to make her days a little brighter. I know I have done it before but thank you can never be said often enough. I hope to never be accused of running a scam again. I was just hesitant to upload any pictures of a vulnerable child on the internet, especially after I had given out her address. I know you are all wonderful giving people but anyone can come on here and copy the pictures. One can never be too careful. So I am going to leave these on for a few days so everyone can see who they helped, then I will remove them. Thank you all one more time.

stitchinkate by stitchinkate 14 Oct 2010

She is recovering nicely.

dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 14 Oct 2010

Thanks for sharing these. I was wondering how she was doing.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 14 Oct 2010

Thank you for sharing the pictures. I believe you would have to ask Veronika to remove them.

stitchinkate by stitchinkate 14 Oct 2010

Will do, thank you.

rwalden by rwalden 14 Oct 2010

Thank you for the update. She is so cute...looks like her mommy.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 14 Oct 2010

Thanks for including the pictures - we sure appreciate the update - so many have asked in the past and didn't get an answer. We are so happy for her.

nonna57 by nonna57 14 Oct 2010

Thankyou for the update. Such a small one to go thru so much. Big cyber hugs for her and family :)

camylow by camylow 15 Oct 2010

yes thank you for the update...We all love to know how each one is doing bad or good....Thanks again for showing this lovely little girl and her smile.....

by crafter2243 Moderator 14 Oct 2010

You have to answer your own question. When you do that you will see on the bottom of the posting 3 tabs. "Add Links, Upload image, Upload Video". Choose "Upload Image" which than will bring up a tab called Browse. Click on that to get your picture. Don't forget to click on upload. That should bring it up. Any problem send me a PM and I can lead you through it.

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stitchinkate by stitchinkate 14 Oct 2010

Thank you.

by shirlener88 14 Oct 2010

You just answer you own question - there is a upload image below - click it - find your pix on your PC - upload it then submit.