by mel08 08 Oct 2010

is now a chunky 4.2 pounds and Lizzie is now a hefty 3.1 pounds! (he was 1.5 pounds Aug 23 and she was 1.1).

Puppy training continues...

Pictures follow.


by tippi 20 Oct 2010

They are so cute.

by castelyn 19 Oct 2010

Glad they doing well. They are so cute. Hugs Yvonne

by camylow 18 Oct 2010

think these are just adorable.....So Sweet and cuddely...

by moyed 14 Oct 2010

So cute, they are amongst the lucky ones to have a safe and happy home.


by lflanders 11 Oct 2010

What adorable babies! I am so glad that you got rescue babies and they are getting the love and attention that they deserve. You do seem to have a real camera "ham" on your hands. Teddy and Lizzie are very lucky to have been adopted by a very good family.

by designgirl 10 Oct 2010

Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are so cute.

by kalinelson 10 Oct 2010

These puppies are so've done a great job loving and caring for them.

by lbrow 08 Oct 2010

The pics are teriffic. I commend you for your excellent care of these babies. I know it takes more than just care, it also takes a lot of love & you obviously have lots of it.

by 02kar Moderator 08 Oct 2010

How can you not fall in love with them. I wish I could hug them.

by grandmamek 08 Oct 2010

They sure are cute.

by gerryvb 08 Oct 2010

wow, they look adorable,my dog now 10 years old looked the same as a them.

by mel08 08 Oct 2010

When I get the camera out, Teddy poses...such a ham...

1. Teddy and Lizzie lounging around.
2. Teddy doing his pose.
3. Lizzie relaxing.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 08 Oct 2010

How cut ethey are.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 09 Oct 2010

So cute.

castelyn by castelyn 19 Oct 2010

Very cute