by dilceia 29 Sep 2010

A kiss in the heart of all!


by rmj8939 27 Dec 2010

It is fun giving them also.

by gerryvb 27 Dec 2010

you are way over that number now, only a few more and it will be 20000! perhaps we can make it this year :0 love, G.

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dilceia by dilceia 27 Dec 2010

This is an old postage... Who brought upwards?????

by elizabethak 27 Dec 2010

Almost 20000 here's one more and for everyone who responded

by mranderson 26 Dec 2010

It's amazing what you can do in 3 months. Not far off 20,000 now. Get ready for the party!!!!!!!!!. Love Marg

by manami 26 Dec 2010

Mais uma florzinha pra voce, and um beijo no seu coracao tambem. Carinhos, Yoriko

by grandmamek 26 Dec 2010

and you have one more!! Hugs, Mary

by marleymoo 26 Dec 2010

And another!!! ***

by starlet2653 26 Dec 2010

Here is another one.

by neuza 01 Oct 2010

Congrats to you.

Parabéns minha amiga! Você merece muito mais, eu gotaria de poder te dar um bouquê.
Um abraço com saudades.

by embroiderymad 01 Oct 2010

Congratulations here one more for you and all the cuties who have posted

by marciabrasil 01 Oct 2010

Dilceia queria deixar o video aberto aqui mas não sei como se faz então tem que clicar no link e ver ele no youtube.
Acredito que vais amar .

by leenova54 01 Oct 2010

Congratulations! That is one big garden!

by marciabrasil 01 Oct 2010

Parabéns! 15.000 flores!
Miga não estou conseguindo colocar o presente aqui.
Nova tentativa
vou com o link agora

dilceia by dilceia 01 Oct 2010

Obrigada Marcia, eu adorei!!!!!!!!!!!!
Valeu amiga!

marciabrasil by marciabrasil 01 Oct 2010

Oiiiiii nossa eu nunca tinha usado o Yotube mas minha amiga merece ....
Fico feliz em saber que gostou das flores cantantes! :)

by asterixsew Moderator 01 Oct 2010

Congratulations on your milestone and it looks like you are well on the way to your have another *

by marciabrasil 01 Oct 2010

PARABÉNS!!! PARABÉNS!!!! Que lindo jardim minha querida amiga!
Eu contribui com muitas flores fico feliz em ver essa meta concluida. Tu mereces muito mais.
Logo estará completando 50.000.
e estou aqui procurando um presentinho especial só que perdi onde salvei aiaiaiaiaia
logo acho ele e coloco aqui.
e flores para todas as queridas amigas
and flowers for all friends.

by kalinelson 30 Sep 2010

Wow!!!!Congrats!!!!!that's a huge's another one for you and may your garden continue to grow.....blessings Janet

by iris2006 30 Sep 2010

Conmgratulations and here is one more

by jacquipaul 30 Sep 2010

Congratulations Dilceia! You deserve them all!

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dilceia by dilceia 01 Oct 2010

Thanks my good friend!

by jrob Moderator 30 Sep 2010

Congratulations, Sweet girl! Wish I could give you 15,000 more! Princess for the day! ;)

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dilceia by dilceia 01 Oct 2010

Oh!Thanks my good friend!

by oaro 30 Sep 2010

Here is one more flower for you beautiful garden you deserve every one and more. CONGRATULATION .Maria

by nhsmith55 30 Sep 2010

Congratulations to you, Dilceia! I have a long way to go, but I will get there too one day!

by kathyjt 30 Sep 2010

Here's another *

by castelyn 30 Sep 2010

Dilceia, Congratulations and here is another *4u - Hugs Yvonne

by 02kar Moderator 30 Sep 2010

On to 16,000. You are such a sweet lady you deserve every one and more.

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dilceia by dilceia 30 Sep 2010

Ohh... What an answer Linda!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you by the fondness.. I love you and does me well give flowers.
I am going to care for more of your garden, OK? I love you!

by keeponsewing 29 Sep 2010

YEAH!!!! Congrats! Here is another. Wish I could give you a big bouquet of them. Maybe we need to start a number system where we can give up to 10 flowers at one time. hehehe. Hugs Terre

1 comment
dilceia by dilceia 30 Sep 2010

thanks, my good friend Terre!

by gramsbear 29 Sep 2010

Dilceia, Congrats to you in a BIG way!!! 15,000 is a nice round number! Heres another towards 20,000, which won't take long at all! You are so sweet, everyone wants to give you as many flowers as they can!!! Hugs, Judy

1 comment
dilceia by dilceia 30 Sep 2010

thanks, my good friend Judy!

by shirlener88 29 Sep 2010

Dilcéia, CONGRATULATIONS so happy to see you with such a lovely bouquet of flowers - your garden is getting watered regularly. WAY to GO!

1 comment
dilceia by dilceia 30 Sep 2010

thanks, my good friend Shirlene!

by beatie58 29 Sep 2010

Well Done! you have even more now....Sally

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dilceia by dilceia 30 Sep 2010


by rwalden 29 Sep 2010

Congratulations! Another *4U I love to give lots of flowers too.

by dlmds 29 Sep 2010

Another for you. H&*

by barbara68 29 Sep 2010

Congratulations and here this another.

by embroiderymad 29 Sep 2010

Congratulation here 1 more for you

by jayce 29 Sep 2010

another one for you i went over 1000 yesterday LOL

dilceia by dilceia 29 Sep 2010

helped a lot yesterday ... I love to give flowers!
is pretty cool, huh??

shilly by shilly 29 Sep 2010

Certainly is: you must be the one who is responsible for my 2000 flowers ....thanks to all who encourage us to visit cuties.

dilceia by dilceia 30 Sep 2010

Yes, am I...Hehehe!