by celticlady1031 26 Sep 2010

Hi hi Everyone!!! You have no idea how good it is to be back! First i have to say : I have never realized how close the embroidery community is until now. I am thankful and grateful to each and every member, every post every email and every digitizer. You caused me a lot of tears reading all the messages and see what you all did, i had to take a lot of breaks in between the readings and still am. I am grateful for all the good wishes and prayers, i don't think i have ever received so many prayers in my life before. Amazing you all are! I still have a lot of catching up on the posts and emails to bring me up to date and thank persons personally before i can think of doing anything else. I just wanted every one to know everything is good and fine and yes, i will do as i am told, promise. But i am hungry for my toys, the digitizing and all my other hobbies, i need to do that because that is who i am!

I will take slowly and i do have all the help now with me which i must say is another little miracle story, like my family.
Thank you all again and i am glad to be back aspecially within the embroidery community. Thank you all.


by honeychyle 26 Sep 2010

So glad to have you back!

by mary51 26 Sep 2010

God is GREAT!!!!! I am very glad.

by moyed 26 Sep 2010

Bless you, Marina. You are a very generous personal and we are so happy you are well & able to continue with your beautiful creations. Please take care, rest and take one day at a time to heal fully.<br />Helen

by dlonnahawkins 26 Sep 2010

So glad to hear that good news. Just one day at a time. Thanks for letting us know.

by almag 26 Sep 2010

Marina - the Best News!!!!!
I'm so glad that you are back in your comfort zone and at least surrounded by your toys.
Many thoughts for continued and complete recovery are winging your way.
Thank you for letting us know, personally, the latest news and that you have the help and support you need.
It's so good to hear from you.

by 02kar Moderator 26 Sep 2010

Welcome back, but be sure to behave yourself. Don't overdo it.

by mad14kt 26 Sep 2010

Is there anything too hard for God? NEVER EVER!!! *2U

by holly12 26 Sep 2010

I am so happy to hear the good news. Remember to do as the DR. says & don't push to hard. As much as you love embroidery and we love you. It can all wait. You are the most important. Good luck with the rest of your recovery. Arlene

by haydebug 26 Sep 2010

So happy for you Marina!

by sandralochran 26 Sep 2010

So pleased to here your news

by keeponsewing 26 Sep 2010

God is SO good!

by leenova54 26 Sep 2010

Wonderful news that another cutie is on the mend! Best wishes!

by kalinelson 26 Sep 2010

Wonderful glad you are doing better....may God give you the strength and stamina for each new day and may He continue to have His healing hands on you....blessings Janet

by zazmau 26 Sep 2010

What a blessing to hear this wonderful news.

by shirlener88 26 Sep 2010

Another prayer answered. Thank you Mickey for sharing this with us.

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celticlady1031 by celticlady1031 26 Sep 2010

I'd much rather post something like this than bad news.