by celticlady1031 25 Sep 2010

I was reading my email and just read a post about Michele - Paradise Dreams. Her husband was killed this morning in a car accident. She is having a really hard time. Prayers to her and her family


by lynlaing 28 Sep 2010

Sending prayers.So sad to hear the news about her husband

by mary51 27 Sep 2010

Hope that she will find the strength in this difficult time, We will pray for her and her family, Pray for her.

by theduchess 27 Sep 2010

I will be praying for Michele and her family.

by celticlady1031 26 Sep 2010

It does seem strange that so many of our embroidery families are being hit with one tragedy or another. I don't ever remember so much in such a short span of time. My prayers and good thoughts go out to all.

by shilly 26 Sep 2010

Don't know her but certainly empathize with her situation;will keep her in my prayers. Hope she knows we all are supporting her....

by iris2006 26 Sep 2010

SO sorry top hear about this loss in this way, I left a message on het own site and Michele and here family will be in my thoughts.

by pennifold 26 Sep 2010

Thanks for this posting - how tragic. I will keep her and the rest of the family upheld in prayer.

Love and blessings Chris

by 1ladyb 26 Sep 2010

Oh how tragic. Prayers for her and her family. God be with them all.

by almag 26 Sep 2010

Thank you for letting us know. What awful news this is.

by dlmds 25 Sep 2010

My heart hurt when I read this. God bless her and hers. I am sooo sorry. What an awful tragedy. Please give her my love. H&*

by keeponsewing 25 Sep 2010

How horrible... Will keep her in our prayers.

by tmbache 25 Sep 2010

So sorry to hear. Will keep her and her family in my thoughts and prayers. Will put her on our prayer list at church sunday also. thanks

by oaro 25 Sep 2010

This is so sad My prayers go to her and her family

by kathyjt 25 Sep 2010

So sorry to hear this.

by designgirl 25 Sep 2010

My thoughts and prayers go out to Michele and her family.

by melita 25 Sep 2010

My prayer are with her and her family. God will give them peace like never before.

by camylow 25 Sep 2010

I am so sorry to hear about this...may we all lft her up in Prayer...deanna

by kalinelson 25 Sep 2010

What tragic news....I will be praying for Michele and her family.

by shirlener88 25 Sep 2010

Mickey, thank you for letting us know - we will keep her in our prayers.

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celticlady1031 by celticlady1031 26 Sep 2010

I was stunned when I read it. She is such a sweetheart. I hope she comes out of this okay.

by maryclampitt 25 Sep 2010

Prayers to her and the family.

by leenova54 25 Sep 2010

Very sorry to hear that. We do have so much going on with everyone we know. Prayers and best wishes go out to all of you who are suffering in one way or another.

by sewemb 25 Sep 2010

So sorry to hear about the accident
My thoughts and prayers are with Michele..

by dlonnahawkins 25 Sep 2010

It seems so many families are having one type of tragedy after another. We just learned that the spouses of two of my husbands cousins were diagnosed with cancer. Our thoughts and blessings go out to Michele.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 25 Sep 2010

and ours to your hubby's cousins, dear.

iris2006 by iris2006 26 Sep 2010

Sorry to hear about your husbands cousins, You and your family will be in mu thoughts

by mad14kt 25 Sep 2010

So sad! My prayers for the family that the Lord supports them all all learning sides!

by granie 25 Sep 2010

May the LORD be with her in this time of sorrow.

by sandralochran 25 Sep 2010

Thank you for sharing Will do