by philippa 23 Sep 2010

I tried to download 'Anatomy of a Design' from the Aldawldup website but was unable to. Any suggestions?


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by danababes 23 Sep 2010

There is an error in the scripting of the web page. The file/tutorial is actually located at the link below :) (if only I could get it linked here lol its working now - 3rd time lucky again.) xXx

sewdoctor by sewdoctor 23 Sep 2010

Worked for me...

philippa by philippa 24 Sep 2010

Thank you - and it's now worked for me too.

danababes by danababes 25 Sep 2010

You're welcome :) xXx

by sewemb 23 Sep 2010

A bad link I guess..You might want to notify Amy Webster of the bad link and she can fix it.

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philippa by philippa 23 Sep 2010

Thanks, but there didn't appear to be any 'contact' details. Did try several weeks ago with the same result.