by modo 21 Sep 2010

how do you do those four words monogram? Thank you for your help. Michelle


by leenova54 21 Sep 2010

Thanks for asking the question! Thanks psssst for the link. My youngest son is getting married on Oct. 10th and the bride to be is not taking our last name so this will be helpful to me in the coming years!

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modo by modo 22 Sep 2010


by philippa 21 Sep 2010

This really depends on what embroidery software you have; I use Embird and can create a monogram in envelopes of various shapes.

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modo by modo 22 Sep 2010


by psssst 21 Sep 2010

You can google this question for a proper reply.
I do
First name 1st initial
Last name 2nd initial
Middle name 3rd initial

The link is very informative and you can see several examples of different styles and how they were voted on

modo by modo 21 Sep 2010

Thank you so much, that was exactly what I was looking for

msfancyvip by msfancyvip 21 Sep 2010

Wonderful link for referencing. Thanks Pssst! ~Rita

sissibrode by sissibrode 21 Sep 2010

Thank you Pssst *