by judybell 19 Sep 2010

Not a question, but a big thank you to sewdoctor for her great work and her willingness to share her talent with others. The Tea sayings are much apprecaited. God bless, Judy


by sewdoctor 25 Jun 2011

I have just found a way to find posts that include my name. I am so sorry to have missed so many! I am glad that the Tea designs worked out for you! Thank you for your kind words!

by shilly 20 Sep 2010

Cannot say enough good things about cuties;giving,patient,helpful,loving....
You're all stars in my book!
Thank YOU.

by airyfairy 20 Sep 2010

And bless all the Cuties who put so much time and effort in producing such wonderful designs. Thank you all.

by eyeztodiefor10 19 Sep 2010

I appreciate all who contribute here. Sometimes it's a tip that saves me time and money or a link or a design. You each have something to offer and this is one giving family here at Cuties. I sincerely appreciate you all for all I have learned and will learn!

by katydid 19 Sep 2010

We appreciate you too.

by leenova54 19 Sep 2010

I agree, we have many wonderful people who can digitize and are kind enough to share them with us!

by gayle950 19 Sep 2010

I agree,a big thank you for sharing your designs.