by suzettebritz 17 Sep 2010

The only person, (other than my husband and Fana)that I see in Botswana, invited me to her daughter's birthday this afternoon. Amongst other things, I will be giving her one of these. I like them so much, where did we get them? Are there any other animal ones, nice and big like these?


by noah 19 Sep 2010

Very nice job & thanks for the link Carolyn

by ramona 19 Sep 2010

They are nice and big. Good job and thanks for sharing.

by lbrow 19 Sep 2010

These are nicely done & cute. *

by danababes 18 Sep 2010

hrm 3rd time lucky? xXx

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suzettebritz by suzettebritz 18 Sep 2010

Thank you for posting the link!

by danababes 18 Sep 2010

The kitty cat is on this page:

I see it stitches out lovely :) She's too big for my 4x4 but I'm sure many more Cuties will be sewing these out soon *grin*. xXx

by nonna57 18 Sep 2010

I have made these but cannot remember where, Pm meganne she will know ") oh and well done love them

by dlonnahawkins 17 Sep 2010

Well - I see you got your answer - I tried to go get the link righ to it, but I could not find it today.

by lenore 17 Sep 2010

They are lovely

by iris2006 17 Sep 2010

Very pretty and the design is from

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suzettebritz by suzettebritz 18 Sep 2010

Thank you Carla!

...and thank you to everyone here for looking!

by joanne8125 17 Sep 2010

I love these as I am a cat person. I hope someone will remember where they came from as I would love to have them also

by shilly 17 Sep 2010

They are absolutely wonderful;thanks for sharing.

by tippi 17 Sep 2010

Very nice

by oaro 17 Sep 2010

they look great

by holly12 17 Sep 2010

Look great but I don't know where they are from. Arlene

by maryanns66 17 Sep 2010

I think they are from Lianestitch. I also have them, but haven't stitched them yet.
Yours look great!

by mops Moderator 17 Sep 2010

Lovely, Suzette. I've seen the design somewhere, but have not got it myself so I can't answer you. But I'm sure one of the other Cuties will come to the rescue.

by marisabizz 17 Sep 2010

Bellissimo segnalibro......

by gayle950 17 Sep 2010

Very nice bookmarks. Love the cats.