by shortridge1 16 Sep 2010

I am looking for Harley Davidson designs for my embroidery machine. Does anyone know of any on this site??


by zedna 20 Mar 2012

I understood Harley Davidson designs were copyright!

by moonwillow 19 Mar 2012

Anything that says the actual words Harley Davidson are at risk..I absolutely would not sell it!..Harley not only can fine you 100k but they can take your machine and anything associated with the files..My fiance is related to one of Harley Davidson"s copyright attorneys ....Disney can do the same...So I have asked indirectly lol and just hearing that they can shut down a business in one sweep is enough to deter me..And Harley is very diligent doesnt matter how small you are they seek you out..I saw it first hand when I did a bike rally two years ago..I had to show that my "harley" ornaments were licensed purchased legally etc..It is a pain but there are many similar pieces or just pay for what you want.. Ok I will shut up now

by tilde01 19 Mar 2012

Just remember that if you use or download any of the copyrighted Harley Davidson designs, you are breaking the law as mentioned by sciencewidow.

by susiesembroidery 18 Mar 2012

Hope you find something you like amongst the already mentioned sites.***

by mysugarfootswife 28 Jun 2011

thanks for all the links

by snowbird42 24 Jun 2011

thnaks they are what i have been looking dor....soozie

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by littleklothz 13 Jun 2011

Email this person at: for some designs. He has got heaps of Harleys.

littleklothz by littleklothz 17 Sep 2011

He has got a web site:
There are some FREE Harleys there too.

littleklothz by littleklothz 17 Sep 2011

Sorry, the web page is:

fatboy by fatboy 22 Jul 2012

Ii can not open this site, i remeber seeing it in the past and their stuff was relly nice, can you help

littleklothz by littleklothz 22 Jul 2012

just email him:
and he will send images through

by capoodle 17 Sep 2010

There are several thoughout the page and they are FREE. Just click on the image to download.

shortridge1 by shortridge1 18 Sep 2010

thank you. These are great

cclark by cclark 13 Jun 2011

Thank you! Terrific designs!

susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 18 Mar 2012

Thank you - lovely Harley designs and more.

by shirlener88 17 Sep 2010

Welcome to the CUTE family shortridge1!

Here are some links:

by pennifold 17 Sep 2010

Hi "shortridge",

Welcome to Cute - there is a lovely design in our Design By Cuties - last tab at the top of this page.

I don't think it's a Harley though - but have a look anyway - link following.

Love and blessings Chris


by jennyt 17 Sep 2010

i have a anita goodesign biker set i will sell you cheap if interested. google it then let me know cuz i am going away for the weekend tomorrow afternoon!