by carmeng87 16 Sep 2010

I am looking for the site that has that fabulous alpha with the classic letters and little roses on them. THe letters were not in order & I don't want to miss any. Thanks


by jacquipaul 17 Sep 2010

Glad you found the Bouton de Rose;

by meganne 17 Sep 2010

Can anyone tell me what letters have been posted so far as I have no idea whether or not I have them all to date.

Thanks so much.
hugs n roses, Meganne

msfancyvip by msfancyvip 17 Sep 2010

This is what I've collected so far in .pes format for comparison sake. Let me know if you have anything different.

meganne by meganne 18 Sep 2010

Thanks Rita, I have all the ones you listed and one I don't know what it is supposed to be, maybe it's the "I".
so that's wonderful I've found them all so far.

I do have two versions of the "O" and one seems to be digitised better than the other one.
Hugs and roses, Meganne

by skyemb 17 Sep 2010

Hope it can help you.

by bettyboop13 16 Sep 2010

Try this one out also they have a beautiful Garden Alphabet and a Fantastic Kitchen One. Only Drawback is you have to join and can only download 5 designs in a 24 hour period. ( they have it timed to the Minute LOL )

by gerryvb 16 Sep 2010

capoodle gave you the link already so here just a *4u

by capoodle 16 Sep 2010

This may be the site you are looking for.

gerryvb by gerryvb 16 Sep 2010

I'm sure that's the one!

carmeng87 by carmeng87 16 Sep 2010

Thank you that is the one and I am current. Have a great day!!