by smithandsmith 15 Sep 2010

More sucker covers for halloween and a special happy face,,, as requested :)

I'll be posting them to cute for those who would like to make them for halloween.
hugs Lee


by marisabizz 16 Sep 2010

Fantastici.... Perfetti per la festa di Hallowen....

by jacquipaul 16 Sep 2010

So cute! My little grandson was distressed when his lolly was discarded when he had not finished eating it, but all I can do is buy him another.
Good job! *4u!

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 16 Sep 2010

aww ,,, little ones are so cute. I'd try the plastic wrap or a plastic bag around the sucker and then put it in the cover.
thank you
happy halloween

by katmug 16 Sep 2010

Cute Cute Lee-Anne. I'm going to ask possibly a silly Q! Lolly covers are designed as a fun thing while the wrapper is still on the lolly??? Not as a cover to put on after you've started a lollipop and not finished? Is that how this all works!!! We don't tend to get through a WHOLE lollipop. I don't really eat them and so far my eldest has only had one or maybe at the most two whole ones. (She's is only 5 1/2.) BUT I LOVE these and I LOVE ALL your work Lee-Anne!!!!!!!

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 16 Sep 2010's all fun. I have 4 children and they ate all thier suckers. One was a slow eater and always licked and took for ever, while the others are chrunchers,,lol. My selft,,, i'm a chruncher,suckers or any kind of candy doesn't last long around me. :o You could wrap the sucker with plastic wrap for the little ones. I have never done that but it might work.
thank you Kathy

by gayle950 15 Sep 2010

very nice

by shirlener88 15 Sep 2010

These are darling and I am glad to see that you got that one special one for our friend in Canada, she will love it for her friend that loves smiley faces. Great job Lee.

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 15 Sep 2010

thank you :) smiles for everyone

by oaro 15 Sep 2010

Thank you they look nice

by keeponsewing 15 Sep 2010

Thank you Lee. I'm gonna have to hurry and get these done for my DIL so she can use them in her class room.

by jofrog2000 15 Sep 2010

They are super!

by rwalden 15 Sep 2010

Very cute. Thanks so much for sharing them.

by tippi 15 Sep 2010

They are very cute.