by joann7657 13 Sep 2010

I see many different types of towel toppers.How are you connecting the towels to the toppers? I ask this question on a project , but I forgot which one it was so I was not able to go back 4 ans.


by mops Moderator 13 Sep 2010

AdorableApplique has 2 sets of instructions. Seeing by which project you asked your question I'll give you one of the links. You hoop the stabiliser and place the towel, the front applique fabric and the fabric for the back according to the pictures. Image 8, 9 and 10 show the backside.

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joann7657 by joann7657 15 Sep 2010

thank you

by psssst 13 Sep 2010

It really depends on the design you want to use. Some of them are an applique that you add an elastic band to the back (example link #1)
of and slip the towel through it.
Others have a hole embroidered into it (example link #2)
to cut out and the whole design is embroidered right onto the towel then you hang it with the hole.

psssst by psssst 13 Sep 2010

I found your question in projects

It was not answered.
If you read further down the replies you will see a link that mops posted about the universal shape that hollyfox posted in designs by cuties.

joann7657 by joann7657 15 Sep 2010

thank you so much

by lani02 13 Sep 2010

most of the towels I have done the hole is in the design. But a couple of others have a ribbon or band on the back to put the towel through.

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joann7657 by joann7657 15 Sep 2010


by mad14kt 13 Sep 2010

Good question. I haven't done one yet ;D *2U

by edithfarminer 13 Sep 2010

The ones I have done, I have put velcro on the top of the towel and bottom of the topper.

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mad14kt by mad14kt 13 Sep 2010

Very interesting ;D *2U