by aldoom 12 Sep 2010

I need to find a cute moose design for babys (boy) room. I thought I saw one here, in freebies, and can not find it. I am going to make wall hanging with moose, bear, and turkey and a little camo.


by aldoom 13 Sep 2010

Thank you Cuties for all your help

by aldoom 12 Sep 2010

Thank you for your answers. I have the turkey from EL, and downloaded all the freebies into a folder that you responded with. THANK YOU so much!!!This memory of mine?!! The moose was pictured as a wall hanging, just the head, in an article.Thanks again, Alice

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by capoodle 12 Sep 2010

A two Moose heads and Moose Family Freebies. There is a free bear also somewhere on the design pages.

by ansalu 12 Sep 2010

Here is a rendeer (maybe this works too?) for free.
Do you watch at emblibrary? They have some really funny (but not free).
I have an elk-head from this chinese E666-page; if you are in need send me a PM
On they have a set of xmas-elks as free designset per day. On 5stars-font they have a rendeerhead with a red nose.
Greetings, Bettina

by dlonnahawkins 12 Sep 2010

I have tried to "track" down the moose for you, but don['t know of a freebie. The second design ack will have the moose, bear, and a few other things. I think it would be cute for a child's room.