by mel08 11 Sep 2010

Is there a program that will translate .vip files? I have Wilcom (free) and it doesn't do that extension.


by powagrl 12 Sep 2010

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mel08 by mel08 15 Sep 2010


by psssst 11 Sep 2010

The other day this was posted about a free program . They will email you the link for the program after you register. Once you install it, right click on the design
choose open with
then choose my editor
when it opens select edit
select all
then click on file
save as
in the drop down menu find the format you wish to save it as.

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mel08 by mel08 15 Sep 2010


by keeponsewing 11 Sep 2010

you can d/l pulse ambassador they do it and it's free. Let me know if you need help with it. It's easy to use. Can't do much with the free, but it does make a great converter.

airyfairy by airyfairy 12 Sep 2010

I have the free version of Pulse Ambassador. How do I convert files with it? Thank you in advance.

mel08 by mel08 15 Sep 2010

keeponsewing: I completely forgot about this program. I had it on the old computer, but never added it to the laptop. Thanks.