by francoisen68 10 Sep 2010

know if the insurance in USA is really so expensive as in France, for instance, her insurance car is 800 USD for one year. Do you think this quote could be right in USA, please ????

Thank you in advance.


by 02kar Moderator 11 Sep 2010

Insurance raes for that area are probably very high because it is so densely populated. As others have mentioned, check around to see if you can get a better rate.

by camylow 11 Sep 2010

sounds really high to me.. boys ar higher rates and my son was paying 170.00 a month because he had 2 tickets.
I would definitely shop around....Honda civics shouldn't cost that much...they aren't considered sports cars and are not rare....

by capoodle 10 Sep 2010

Look for the insurance agents that list for multiple companies. For the best price, get quotes from several companies and call local agents. My brother lived in Arlington, VA for 20 some years and the drivers in the D.C. area are vicious drivers. That may be why the higher rates.

by dlonnahawkins 10 Sep 2010

Insurance can be high depending on the age of the driver. We have 3 vehicles, and it is running us about $4500/year. Insurance also depends on the State, and the area in which the car is insured. I wish you luck with this. I hate having to even deal with insurance companies of any kind. But she needs to check around and too try the internet and see what she is quoted.

by leenova54 10 Sep 2010

That is way high. With 2 cars (we are both over 50) with full coverage on both it is only around $800 for the year. She should check for quotes on line. Maybe Safe Auto or Geico. Go to the phone book and find a local company that goes with different ones for a best price. If she was in my area I could give a better idea.