by philippa 09 Sep 2010

Are there any nice Kokeshi (japanese dolls)designs out there? Would prefer freebie, but......


by mranderson 09 Sep 2010

Design by Sick under kimonos.

by mariahail 09 Sep 2010***

by mranderson 09 Sep 2010

I have some that are applique. Think maybe from Design by Sick. Try a Google search.

by capoodle 09 Sep 2010

There are several free designs at this site.

by gramsbear 09 Sep 2010

I just gave you flower # 1001!!! Congrats to you! Hugs, Judy

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philippa by philippa 10 Sep 2010

Thank you so much!!

by asterixsew Moderator 09 Sep 2010

Yes there are 4 in designs by Cute. Here is the link to one of them, it was about 8 pages in. Happy hunting for the rest

by stidiford58 09 Sep 2010

You will find three or four of them in the Designs by Cuties. They are very cute!

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philippa by philippa 09 Sep 2010

Thanks - had looked at these. What I am really after is like shown on project 1/25 at this site

used on a heart shaped hanging. Would make such a super present.