by francoisen68 08 Sep 2010

Washington area and all along the way to NY. Do some of you tell me what is worth to be seen please ?

And also if some of you could recommend us hotels in NY, it would be great !!
Thank you very much in advance for your help.
Hugs and kisses


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by shirlener88 09 Sep 2010

OH my Françoise, I sure wished I live in Washington DC or NY - I would love to show you around. Of coarse the trip from Washington DC to NY isn't that far - so you will have lots to find to do in between them or while you are staying in one town or the other - I am sure you can just visit the local tourist bureau and find brochures and maps to everywhere you want to travel to - the White House is in Washington, DC & the Smithsonian Museum, Mt. Vernon, and Arlington Cemetery, along with Gettsburg Battleground, just to name a few. In NY City, you have to go to GROUND ZERO, or on top of the Empire State Building (where you can see the whole city from up there - day or night) , or especially go out to the Stature of Liberty (which your country gave to the USA), or Times Square and if you can get to a show on Broadway that would be great fun, too.

by keeponsewing 08 Sep 2010

Francois, I hope you have safe travel here to the USA, There is a lot to see. Enjoy yourselves, take pictures and share when you get back home.

Hugs, Terre... Sorry I can't recommend any places to stay while visiting, as it is way far away from me. LOL...

by francoisen68 08 Sep 2010

Thank you to every Cutie who answered an try to help me. I will tell you when I'll be back.
Thanks again and kisses to all of you

by capoodle 08 Sep 2010

You picked two cities where there is endless things to do. If you just have leisure time the Zoo in Washington DC is free as most of the museums and monument also are. The Old Post Office Pavilion is a treat if you like music with a clock tower that offers a 360 degree view of downtown Washington, DC. . In New York since you sew the garment area will provide you with lots of fabric options and there are the sites like the Statue of Liberty given to the United States by France, Theater, shopping, lots of different cultural restaurants. Enjoy you stay here in the States.

by clawton 08 Sep 2010

While in DC (Washington) you may want to see the area referred to as the "mall" Not a shopping mall but the historic area- the reflection pool, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials and Smithsonian Museums. I'm sure your granddaughter will know what I'm talking about. Take scenic routes to NY. While in NY you may want to go to the area they rebuilding from 9/11 diaster of the Twin Towers.

by camylow 08 Sep 2010

Ah that would be Washington D.C.....if you visited Washington (above Oregon), then i could show you to outstanding views--waterfalls-the beautiful beaches, and many more wonderful GOD'S Creations....deanna

by stitchinkate 08 Sep 2010

I live in Wisconsin so cannot be of much help to you. Regarding hotels though, New York is having a problem with bed bug infestation so be sure to ask at the desk if they have treated their rooms...and look at your mattress carefully before checking in for the night. They also recommend keeping your luggage zipped, even while in the room, only removing things as you need them. I hope you really enjoy your trip...the Amish communities are something I would like to see too...we have them in Wisconsin but not nearly as nice.

by lani02 08 Sep 2010

I second all that pssst suggested. Enjoy your trip.

by francoisen68 08 Sep 2010


by 02kar Moderator 08 Sep 2010

I can't help you with hotels. But I can tell you that all of the Smithsonian museums are wonderful and free.

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francoisen68 by francoisen68 08 Sep 2010

Thank you very much, I note it.

by claudenicolas 08 Sep 2010

Good travel Françoise, enjoy your stay in USA
Hugs Bisous Claude

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francoisen68 by francoisen68 08 Sep 2010

Thank you Claude. A bientôt en Normandie !
Bises (kisses)

by stork 08 Sep 2010

D.C is only about 1 1/2 hours from me in Waynesboro, might want to check out Gettysburg National Battleground. It is a wonderful place and very thought provoking. You don't even have to love history. There is Lancaster, PA (already mentioned) also. The list could go on.....

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francoisen68 by francoisen68 08 Sep 2010

Thank you very much Stork, I'll look at the map we bought and probably go there. I am also looking where is Waynesboro !
I live in Alsace in France and in alsacian dialect, the word "stork" means the same thing (same word as in american for this large bird). There are a lot of storks in Alsace.

by bokkieborduur 08 Sep 2010

ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY this is all I can wish you love Marie

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francoisen68 by francoisen68 08 Sep 2010

Thank you. I will enjoy !

by psssst 08 Sep 2010

You do not say how long you will be visiting for. You can easily spend 2 weeks in DC and not see every museum. It is one of the USA's most history rich cities.
In New York you can live a lifetime and never see it all hahaha. There are so many galleries, boutiques, theatres, communities the list is literally endless.
If you really love hand made crafts try to find an Amish Community, there is a large population of Amish people in Pennsylvania which is right in the geographical area you are travelling.
In New Jersey there is a place called Atlantic City if you like gambling, it is like a generic version of Las Vegas and it is also right on the shore with a very nice boardwalk. I haven't been in years, but way back when it wasn't a safe neighborhood outside of the casino strip.
Google all of the places of interest and you will find a wealth of information.

francoisen68 by francoisen68 08 Sep 2010

Thank you so much. I printed your answer too. I love hand made crafts. I am going to try to find with internet where Amish Communities are exactly. Do you think anybody may visit them ??

capoodle by capoodle 08 Sep 2010

The Amish welcome as they call us "out siders". They have wonderful homemade food so try to find one of their restaurants.