by mel08 03 Sep 2010

already paid. Suggestions are welcome.


by lulu07 05 Sep 2010

I just became a member today and thankfully I have not had any problems have a question, hopefully someone can answer....can you download from any of the sister sites?

by mommajo 05 Sep 2010

Happen to me too took a day to start letting me down load. Glad yours is now working too.

by kezza2sew 05 Sep 2010

Glad it is all working for you now...

by auntbaba 05 Sep 2010

Glad to hear that your downloading problem had been fixed. *4U

by mel08 05 Sep 2010

I finally got in tonight! I downloaded a design. :-)

shirlener88 by shirlener88 05 Sep 2010


mel08 by mel08 05 Sep 2010 I told my daughter about it and she has now given me a list of "Oh how cute this would be for Chloe (the GD) I will get some shirts...this will be fun!

by trovato 03 Sep 2010

If you go to one of the designs (there are 5) and you click on the design it says member(left) ad what zip you like) or buy. You take the button member and ad what zip you like. Say download and at the next page you can download. Its very easy. Good luck Yvonne

mel08 by mel08 03 Sep 2010

I know, but the default page says I still am not a member. In reference to saying it should be automatic, I meant the accepting of the payment for the membership, not the downloading of the designs. I guess I will have to wait and try again this evening.

icana by icana 03 Sep 2010

I have the same problem and have ask for help which I haven't gotten yet.

trovato by trovato 03 Sep 2010

I had a membership last year and started downloading as soon as the money was payed so I realy don't know what is wrong now, Yvonne

icana by icana 03 Sep 2010

same here

kaywadley by kaywadley 27 Nov 2010

I am having the same problem after two week. Seems like some one should be on this.