by dianned 01 Sep 2010

I have been so inspired by the wonderful scissor holder designs here that I've decided to try some of my own. These are very basic - for the ones with the tiny flowers I just did a plain holder and added the flowers from some freebies I already had, plus the names, and the blue one has the flowers as part of the design - I added "scissors" but you could add an initial or a name, or just leave it as the flowers. I'll post the files to DBC when I've converted them. Love from Dianne x x x


by shirley124 16 Mar 2012

Very nice. I am going to try some of these as well

by noah 16 Mar 2012

could someone please put the direct link here???Thanks and hugs:):) carolyn

by noah 16 Mar 2012

they look wonderful i love them all hugs

by lbrow 04 Sep 2010

I like very much dianne. Could we also put a ribbon through the little holes in back to dangle holder around our neck? These are so feminine & look vintage. *

by gayle950 04 Sep 2010

very pretty

by tippi 03 Sep 2010

Very pretty. Like them all

by robinbird 03 Sep 2010

These scissor holders are so pretty& you've done a great job designing them.Could you please make a VIP format too? Thanks for sharing your projects& God's blessings.:~D

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dianned by dianned 04 Sep 2010

I use Pulse Ambassador to convert the files and it comes up with an error message when I try to convert to VIP -I'll see if itll convert with Wilcom, which is the only other conversion program I have. I'll get back to you.

by iris2006 03 Sep 2010

What a nice collection Dianne and I love the idea of the ribbons. You're so clever.

by maryanns66 03 Sep 2010

So pretty and love the added bow to keep the scissors in place.

by sandralochran 01 Sep 2010

Dianne--They are great

by nini 01 Sep 2010

They are beautiful! Well done!***

by noah 01 Sep 2010

Oh i like the idea of the ribbon to hold your scissors in the holder when traveling!!Carolyn

by rwalden 01 Sep 2010

These look great Dianne. Thanks for sharing them.

by suzettebritz 01 Sep 2010

Dianne, These are very beautiful - I like the idea of tying them with a ribbon. Thank you for giving the designs for us!

by marciabrasil 01 Sep 2010

Very beautiful!

by lenamae 01 Sep 2010

Sianne they are so beautiful I surley will have to try this one.
Lena Mae

by dianned 01 Sep 2010

Just been to DBC to put these on there too ... got everything uploaded, hit submit - and the whole page crashed! I haven't got time to re-do it now as I have to go out to a meeting but providing it's not too late I will have another go when I get back!!

by connies 01 Sep 2010

Dianne, they are very unique!
Thanks for showing your nice work!

by dilceia 01 Sep 2010

Dianne, they are lovely, congratulations!!

by mops Moderator 01 Sep 2010

Dianne, they are lovely. I still have a felt one I made by hand over 40 yrs ago, the scissors have perforated the point so I need a new one. I closed it with a small strip of felt, sewn on at the right side, threaded through the eyes and then fastened with a press button on the left. I like your ribbon better!

by oaro 01 Sep 2010

They are very nice the designs are cute Thank you for sharing

by kkcogle 01 Sep 2010

nice work, Dianne!

by holly12 01 Sep 2010

Love these and the way you hold the scissors. Arlene

by leenova54 01 Sep 2010

Very nice work and I love that you put the ribbon to hold the scissors in! Keeps them from disappearing when you turn your back!

by keeponsewing 01 Sep 2010

Dianne, these are so adorable. thank you for sharing.

by jacquipaul 01 Sep 2010

Oh Diane; these are lovely. Thanks for offering to share them with us also. You're a wonderful designer.

by read180 01 Sep 2010

These are so cool Dianne.
Cindy B.

by modo 01 Sep 2010

Très beaux

by lindalee757 01 Sep 2010

Very nice Dianne-I love the personalizing! ~~linda~~

by maryp1 01 Sep 2010

How absolutely lovely. What a great idea! I intend to do some for the children's school and the ribbon idea is great! Thanks for showing us.

by bellabetty 01 Sep 2010

They are beautiful, especially the middle one as my name is carol lol - thanx for sharing!

by spendlove Moderator 01 Sep 2010

I love the way the little bow anchors the scissors!

dianned by dianned 01 Sep 2010

I intend making some to sell at a craft fair and I don't want the scissors coming out all over the place - I'd thought of a fold-over flap but then I thought a bow would look prettier and do the same job!

annafaye by annafaye 16 Mar 2012

Your scissors holders are beautiful! Are you going to sell them with the scissors inside and if you are where are you going to purchase your scissors? I have thought of making some to sell at Craft Fairs but cannot find the scissors in bulk. Thank You *4U

by shirlener88 01 Sep 2010

Very nice work Dianne.