by caroldann 25 Aug 2010

suggestion was answered with a "oh ya, I did that & it didn't help". Finally I asked what kind of stabilizer she was using, ok, are you ready? Her reply, "stablizer? "What's that?" Had to share with you cuties, none of my gf's embroider so wouldn't appreciate this. Carol


by debbierussell 26 Aug 2010

Hey! If the machine doesn't work properly maybe you could buy it cheap. So she doesn't have to get so distressed about trying to use it.HEHEHE

by rwalden 26 Aug 2010

Now maybe she'll give her embroidery machine another try since you've told her about stabilizer.

by sissibrode 26 Aug 2010


by nanniesara 26 Aug 2010

We call that a know it all in the South, I am sure other people do also. Just shows how some people are. God Bless her.! I hope you told her about Cute Emb site.

by bikermomfl 26 Aug 2010

She reminds me of this lady that works in our local walmart. Everything in her life is wrong and she seems to live a miserable life. My other ladies in my walmart fabric dept are wonderful. They help and suggest fabrics and I always show off my quilts to them. They always give me constructive criticism when needed and oohs and ahhs when earned. Somehow I don't this lady reall wanted to learn anything just plug it in and go. There are some people like that, they want to do stuff but don't want to take the time to learn anything.

by leenova54 25 Aug 2010

I had no support, another Walmart machine owner here but even though I had never used a machine I looked it over and found out I needed stabilizer and when I asked the woman in the fabric dept she got some for me and sent me on my way. When I got home I read the little paper that was wrapped around the "stabilizer" and found it was iron on from both sides for applique. I stumbled onto Cute somehow and have learned a lot here but my machine is still giving me fits! I don't know anyone who has a machine in my area and don't know where to get lessons unless you have an expensive machine that you purchased from the place.

by lani02 25 Aug 2010

She obviously didn't do much research about her machine or take any classes from whomever she bought it from.

by keeponsewing 25 Aug 2010

I hope you invited her here to learn more. But I must say if she sewed at all, she should have known what a stabilizer is, because it is used for more than embroidery. Hummm. She must not of had any local support either, which is hard I'm sure. I first bought mine they sat down with me and gave me lessons, free, and told me if I needed any help at all just to come in... They are still like that. But I don't have to go far with Cutie at my finger tips. LOL...

by quilter124 25 Aug 2010

Cute, this brings back conversations I have had in a quilt store before relating to funny but they are so serious....can't laugh then but when I got home, I had to let it all out... You wonder how they got as far as they do.....

by meganne 25 Aug 2010

I hope you told her to come and join CuteEmbroidery. :-)
hugs n roses, Meganne

by alex71 25 Aug 2010

How sad she felt like that but i can relate, I bought my machine from my local janome dealer and got no support.It was pretty much here is your machine it uses jef files see you later.If you want to learn more we have classes.(At a cost)
So i did a lot of research and then found Cute Embroidery and have learnt alot of things and still learning.Thank you to all cuties who share information.****

quilter124 by quilter124 25 Aug 2010

I am so sorry your dealer did you this way. I bought my Janome last November and I am still going to classes for it once a month. I have learned so much but at the quilt shop where I bought it, she has formed an Embroidery club and I have learned so much more from those ladies that I don't know what I would have done without them. We meet once a month from 8 to 10 (before shop opens) and for the last 5 months we rotate with the task of coming up with a challenge so we can grow and stretch in all different directions. Sometimes hard for a beginner but it has made me work harder and learned so much. See if there is one in your area....maybe.

quilter124 by quilter124 25 Aug 2010

by the way my classes are all free!

by mary51 25 Aug 2010

Before a bought my first machine, I read a lot and went to different sites and differents embroidery machine stores to see them working. and of course I knw what brand I was buying.

by holly12 25 Aug 2010

Let me tell you when I first started I had no idea that you were suppose to use stablizer. I bought my machine in Wal Mart & of course they don't tell you anything. Couldn't figure out what was going on with the patterns I was trying. I finally got on line & found out that you had to use stabilizer. I sure wish I knew about cuties back then. I hope you told her what to do & sent her over here. Arlene

by greysewist Moderator 25 Aug 2010

That does sound a little 'odd' not to even know the brand. I went to buy a 2nd hand emb machine a while back and they weren't aware it needed hoops. They also said they'd needed to buy a new power cord to sell it. No instruction book either. I decided it probably left someplace 'in a hurry' so didn't buy it myself.

by tonilee 25 Aug 2010

you know it sounds like she had a attitude, one would think even if she had purchased it ? you would have thought she would read, look around the sites. I was a adult teacher and loved it but, some people would prefer to be spoon fed, and not do much work. oh well hope she gets going now.

by lbrow 25 Aug 2010

I do hope you explained to her Carol. One would think if you are going to pay a large price for something you would find out how to use it. Even the manuals tell you to use stabilizer. *

by crafter2243 Moderator 25 Aug 2010

Poor thing. She had no Cutie Support. I had bought my first "little brother" machine on QVC and I can see how this could happen. Fortunatly a friend of mine helped me in the first stage of this new adventure and the rest I learned by reading posts here. Thanks Cuties.

by anne55 25 Aug 2010

That's sad, isn't it? She must have bought it somewhere where there is no customer support whatsoever, or it was dropped on her doorstep by an enemy!

by nama2 25 Aug 2010

wow, no wonder she doesn't like her machine. She is so not Cute material.