by marlakay 23 Aug 2010

My daughter had an asian floorscreen that her cat destroyed about 5 years ago.

I would describe the fabric that was used as about as flimsy as light weight embroidery stabilizer so therefore easy for a cat to claw up and destroy.
It was all one panel and had asian flowers painted on it.
I decided that I could make it an even better floorscreen than what it was by
embroidering panels (48) for each opening in the floor screen.
Well, once the frame was all taken apart it was found to be very flimsy so a new inner framework of wood to hold each embroidered panel was made by my husband and painted black by me. I embroidered each section in a separate panel and then positioned them very carefully on the back of the frame and stapled them on. This project took over a year to finish as it took quite a while not only to embroider each panel, but just figuring out how to unassemble, fix and reassemble it all! Many hours went into this project! I am very happy with the end result as is my daughter:))
What do you think of it?
P.S. My daughter doesn't own a cat anymore so no worry about this one getting destroyed!


by fleabag 06 Sep 2010

Well Done !
What a remarkable testament to your wonderful work!

by modo 05 Sep 2010


by sherylac 04 Sep 2010

Congratulations for work well done!!! *****4u

by katydid 04 Sep 2010

Oh! my goodness!!! I would have had a nervous break down on this one. Did you sleep and dream about it? a really wonderful job. I am so proud of all your hours of work. I hope you daughter is pleased.

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marlakay by marlakay 14 Sep 2010

Thanks! Yes, it was in my thoughts constantly. My daughter kept asking me when it would be finished! I think she thought that I was procrastinating, but really it just took time to think it through as to how I was going to go about it all. Especially when the wooden frame fell apart when I took the screen apart! My daughter loves the screen even more than the original one!

by dlonnahawkins 04 Sep 2010

This is quite an accomplisment. Very nice, and I know that your daughter will love the combined efforts of both your hubby and you.

by asterixsew Moderator 04 Sep 2010

What an amazing piece of work

by beatie58 04 Sep 2010

This is very unique! Stunning!

by Simplesewer1 04 Sep 2010

I can be done and you did it. GREAT JOB!!!!!

by mariahail 04 Sep 2010

Your daughter is so lucky having such a loving parents and now this beautiful floorscreen too....****

by mariahail 04 Sep 2010

Your daughter is so lucky having such a loving parents and now this beautiful floorscreen too....****

by mariahail 04 Sep 2010

Your daughter is so lucky having such a loving parents and now this beautiful floorscreen too....****

by gayle950 04 Sep 2010

This is stunning, well done

by hanna56 04 Sep 2010

What a value for your daughter!
She will appreciate this showing uo of loving her for sure!
Great job, really. You have so much patience over this long period of working

by 1ladyb 04 Sep 2010

Oh wow what a huge project. It is beautiful. Did you keep track of how many hours you worked on it? It will be a priceless treasure.

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marlakay by marlakay 14 Sep 2010

No, I didn't keep track, but I should have! I can only answer a lot of hours!
Not with just doing the embroidery... that was the easy part! The rest is what took so long.

by keeponsewing 04 Sep 2010

wow! Marla that is FANTASTIC...and a lot of work too.

by lbrow 04 Sep 2010

Quite an undertaking Marla. Beautiful job *

by marciabrasil 30 Aug 2010

Very Beautiful!

by noah 30 Aug 2010

WOW is all i can say what a greattttttt job you did!!!carolyn

by marlakay 24 Aug 2010

Thanks for all of your very nice comments. I am very lucky to have a "handy" husband. He is good at fixing a lot of things. If he doesn't know how to do fix something or make something he reads about it and tries to do it.
It was great to cross this big project off of my list of projects to do. Plus, it made my daughter so happy that I completed it.

by rwalden 24 Aug 2010

Wow! This is great.

by iris2006 24 Aug 2010

This is just stunning and you and your husband are a great team to make this screen reusable again.

by edithfarminer 24 Aug 2010

WAAAAAAUW, I think it is fantastic. what a result after all your work

by tippi 24 Aug 2010

Very beautiful. You must be very proud of all the work you and hubby put into this.

by meganne 24 Aug 2010

I love it Marla. I was planning to make one with Geisha designs to separate my sewing area but it's a long way off now. :-)
I love your design choices.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

by dilceia 24 Aug 2010

Excellent result! This is a true work of art, congratulations!
A beautiful screen!

by leenova54 24 Aug 2010

WOW, now that was a labor of love! It is gorgeous! Congratulations on completing it!

by mnladyus 24 Aug 2010

WOW, Very nice. I'm sure she loves it.

by shuede 24 Aug 2010

Wow! It's fantastic!

by lynn123rose 23 Aug 2010

Fantastic, I love the results of your hard work

by ramona 23 Aug 2010

My goodness...lots of hard work but it certainly paid off! Beautiufl job!!!! You and your hubby make a great team.

by nini 23 Aug 2010

It looks fantastic! Well worth of all the time you spent! Well done!***

by roslyn 23 Aug 2010

FANTASTIC . Shame the cat had to go.. heheh. Not really I know. All good things come to and end don't they

by mumfinch 23 Aug 2010

Very well done 4u

by shirlener88 23 Aug 2010

Marlakay, what a lovely project and well worth the time and effort to creat something so unique and beautiful.

by mops Moderator 23 Aug 2010

It's absolutely fabulous, well worth the time and effort spent on it!

by oaro 23 Aug 2010

beautiful work well worth the time

by castelyn 23 Aug 2010

It is stunning, well worth all the time that you and your husband spent re doing it. this looks amazing, well done. Sorry that I can only give you 1 flower - hugs Yvonne

by suzettebritz 23 Aug 2010

Incredibly beautiful! Must be so much more beautiful than the original - and now you have a one of a kind!