by mel08 22 Aug 2010

old Morkies (Maltese and Yorkie). They were rescue puppies.

For size reference, the spool of red thread is 3 inches tall. Teddy is a little over 1.75 pounds.
Lizzie is almost 1.5 pounds.

Full grown they will be about 5-6 pounds.


by capoodle 31 Aug 2010

They are cute adorable . (Just don't step on them. lol)

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mel08 by mel08 04 Sep 2010

Almost did that the other day. No more shoes or slippers in the kitchen where their kingdom is at the present. No slippers because mine have faux sheerling along the top and they "steal them" to chew on...No shoes because I don't want to accidentally smoosh them.

by tippi 27 Aug 2010

They are soooo cute. Thanks for showing them

by dgarner 27 Aug 2010

They are SOOOO cute!!

by gerryvb 24 Aug 2010

I think I'm falling in love again :) they are so sweet!!!

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mel08 by mel08 24 Aug 2010

I felt the same way when I actually held them for the first time. At the Vet yesterday (for their first "puppy" visit) everybody and the staff went silly over the puppies...Normally you get a Vet Tech and then the Dr., but ALL the techs and both Drs had to come in and see these little guys. Apparently these 2 --as the Dr. said -- these little guys are the "real deal".. real teacup tiny Morkies. and from the medical exam it is our firm assumption, these are in all likelihood puppy mill puppies....OMG...I am so glad I rescued them..what would have happened...oh my...

by designgirl 24 Aug 2010

Cute puppies.

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mel08 by mel08 24 Aug 2010

Thanks....One of my young male engineer friends said.."If they were any cuter, I'd get diabetes". You have to love engineers.....

by keeponsewing 23 Aug 2010

awww they are adorable! Teddy has pretty facial markings. Will their coat be think like the Yorkie, or heavy like the Maltese? It will be interesting. Keep us informed. :)

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mel08 by mel08 24 Aug 2010

I'm kinda curious, too. I will keep you informed. Right now they are just baby fuzzy, though I need to figure a way of trimming the fur between their pads on their tiny feet. These breeds apparently have alot of foot fur...and they are so funny in the kitchen floor..skidding and sliding. I wish I had a video of it.

by dlonnahawkins 23 Aug 2010

Oh - they are precious - Sure a lot smaller than my daughters rescue furbabies. She has 3 resuce labs, and all of them are super special to her.

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mel08 by mel08 24 Aug 2010

Oh, I love labs! If I was younger and the kids were still home, that would be a wonderful choice. The folks down the block have a chocolate lab. He is so cool....such a great dog...He gives great doggie snuggles when he is over.

by kalinelson 23 Aug 2010

Your new fur babies are precious....what a great gift from God to you.....wishing you many years of love and joy with you Morkies......Janet

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mel08 by mel08 24 Aug 2010

Thanks. I look at it as a "gift". I was ready and so were they and we had a "match".


by mel08 23 Aug 2010

We have always been dog people. The last furry critter passed away in 2004. In 2007 my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He passed away last Sept. I needed a little something else in my life, since the year anniversary is coming up, and it has been hard this last few weeks remembering the last days we had last year.

I actually wished for these little guys, and after combing through Petfinder for weeks, they just popped up last Thursday, August 19. I knew I didn't stand a chance of getting them, but tried anyway. I sent in my application for BOTH of them at 1pm on August 19 and then held my breath..and prayed ..alot. By 8:30AM Friday.. THEY WERE MINE ! That was one great phone call ! (it helps to have good puppy references when you do these types of things...they do check).

My girlfriend (and dog breeder/trainer/placer)and I drove 2.5 hours up into Tennessee to meet half way with the foster mom for the puppies. (the puppies mom died a little while ago). That was Saturday morning August 21.
Lots of paperwork, vet records, details, more signing of papers, and then we were on our way home.

What a happy change. Surprising what a little puppy love and a few puppy kisses can do.

lflanders by lflanders 27 Aug 2010

I also got adopted my my Pekingese Girl from Petfinders in Oct of 2007. I has another Prkingese at that time. I also drove to Tn to get my Patty-Patches. She was and still is a little spit-fire and full of love. I lost my 14 yr 8 month old Fur baby on August 3, 2010. She had fought a very big battle for such a small girl. She had cancer for the last 5 yrs. She fought so hard to stay with me. I helped deliver that litter of Pups, the only ones that we ever had of our very own. I also did canine rescue for many yrs. The Dad to our litter was a very abused registered snow white male I rescued. He even came with the papers. His human mommy gave him up because her son and her Husband was very cruel to him. It took him about a week to settle down and into our family. I never had a problem with him but he bit my son before we ever got out of thr Vet's office. He was a very wonderful member of the family for a very long time. My Vet and his Wife were good friends of mine and it was the two of them that got me started with the rescue. Two days after Bebe passed away and before I was ready, My grand-daughter brought me a Minuture Pinser that was 6 yrs old. She left her husband and moved back in with her Mom and my son. My DIL hates animals of all kind and refused to let it in her house. Kiwi is a very tiny sweet little girl.
Your two new babies are adorable! My Patty came from Amyzark in Chattanooga She was very protective of her baby and did alot of checking before she called me and told me that she was mine. She was very nice and I talk to her often. I keep her informed of any changes that we make and send her a progress report once in awhile.

lflanders by lflanders 27 Aug 2010

I think I forgot to mention, Bebe was the only female in the litter and I kept all of them until they were over a year old and then my good friend got one of the boys. Bebe was the only one left. there were 3 boys and Bebe.

by 02kar Moderator 23 Aug 2010

Too cute to resist. And they are already trained to help you when you are sewing/embroidering. Have many many happy years with them

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mel08 by mel08 23 Aug 2010

I put an old empty wooden spool down on the kitchen floor this morning...that was so funny. The paws of these breeds are very fuzzy, that with the fact it is a tile floor is a comedy just waiting to happen....slipping and sliding.

by anne55 23 Aug 2010

So adorable. I wish my husband would let me have a little dog in the house. Oh, well, I'll just enjoy the pictures, I guess.

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mel08 by mel08 23 Aug 2010


by haydebug 22 Aug 2010

They are so cute! I absolutely love the fact that you took in rescue puppies! Last may I adopted a 7 yr old female yorkie that was used as a baby factor! She was crate trained! She is so happy to be part of our family! I got her for my youngest daughter, but the dog adopted me! LOL. Your two new additions are adorable!!! Kim

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mel08 by mel08 23 Aug 2010

All of our dogs for the past 35 years have been rescues. These little fuzzies are already "paper" trained and this afternoon they can recognize their names. I am crate training them.

by mel08 22 Aug 2010

1- Teddy
2- Lizzie
3- Teddy
4- Attacking the thread.

haydebug by haydebug 22 Aug 2010

cute cute cute!!!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 23 Aug 2010


crafter2243 by crafter2243 24 Aug 2010

How adorable.

lflanders by lflanders 01 Sep 2010

These babies are just little cuddle-bugs! Spoil them rotten and take every minute you can to love these tiny little angels! They will always be worth every minute you spend with them. It is great that you got a pair instead of just one. They will be alot of comfort to each other over the years. Good luck and have tons of fun with them!

marietta by marietta 02 Sep 2010

Oh my, they are the cutest little furballs, enjoy them.