by gramachar 18 Aug 2010

Does anyone know where I can find the circle with a slash accross it so I can put a hand in it for a service dog. Do not pet


by eyeztodiefor10 18 Aug 2010

I just saw it on cuties! Someone was reading your mind girl!!!

by capoodle 18 Aug 2010

My best friend has a guide dog and she needs a caution do not pet also. Will make her a patch that her sister can sew on. What she has now is too small. Thank you...

by sewmom 18 Aug 2010

Wow! Ask and you shall receive. Very nice.

by softhearted1 18 Aug 2010

We have a service dog as well and I had to put signs on the vest too so people wouldn't automatically reach out and pet them. Even the dog will look at us and wait for us to tell that particular person. The dog knows when he has his gear on that he isn't to be distracted by socializing. Animals are so amazing! :)

by catsnhorses 18 Aug 2010

I made one several years ago. I'll post it for you in Designs by Cuties section.
Marion in KY