by ladyboo 16 Aug 2010

Somebody once said they got a virus from this site. Been going there for years and never had a problem. She has several very nice breakfast designs on several pages. Lovely.



by caroldann 16 Aug 2010

Very safe and fun site to go to. Love her designs. Carolo

by ansalu 16 Aug 2010

That was just one and she hadn't a virus but she thought she got more spam in her mailbox. Don't know how she get to this opinion but most of us answered that we never get problems from her site. Her designs are wonderful and like jofrog2000 said: turquoise is very generous giving them away for free :o)

by jofrog2000 16 Aug 2010

If you check over on the freebies tag, you'll see turquoise link posted a lot, including the lists of the day. She does some interesting things and is quite generous with her patterns.