by cutiepie 15 Aug 2010

I just finished a new design set (that will be up for sale at Designs by SiCK this next week). It was a lot of work, but it turned out pretty good. It is an in-the-hoop created Sudoku board and number pieces. It only takes a 4x4 hoop to sew out, but the board itself measures 12x12 when completed. What do you think? I hope it will be a good seller!


by johanna 17 Aug 2010

my grandaughter just loves this game.I will certainly make it for her

by asterixsew Moderator 16 Aug 2010

Thanks for posting this I have a friend who loves Suduko so looks like I have a project with this

by nini 16 Aug 2010

I think it is a great idea! Im sure it will be a good seller!***

by deegee 16 Aug 2010

very clever work. should be a great seller. well done cutie pie.

by stickmuster 16 Aug 2010

very nice projekt ***********

by leenova54 16 Aug 2010

I love Sudoku, but only the easy ones, lol! This is such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

by lenamae 15 Aug 2010

great beautiful job. I think it will sell.

by cuddlebear 15 Aug 2010

Looks great - I think it will sell well! Cheers Claire

by clawton 15 Aug 2010

Think it is a great idea. It would be a nice gift for those that enjoy Sudoku.

by maryanns66 15 Aug 2010

Looks interesting, but I haven't seen this on DBS forums. Just wondering since you are the moderator there why it hasn't been put there yet?? It's been here over 10 hours.
Should be a good seller.

by mops Moderator 15 Aug 2010

This looks great, might be nice to use instead of pencil and eraser!

by noah 15 Aug 2010

WOW!!! WOW!!! This is so cool!!!Carolyn

by mysew1325 15 Aug 2010

pretty cute..

by designgirl 15 Aug 2010

Looks great.

by oaro 15 Aug 2010

nice job

by rwalden 15 Aug 2010

This looks great. Will be lots of fun. You are very talented.

by juanitadenney 15 Aug 2010

Wow, you are talented. Wants me want to play Sudoku. **4U

by kezza2sew 15 Aug 2010

So here you are cutiepie, I was asking about you recently on here...Arh...the boys are growing up how old are they now....Looks like your talents are sill growing...How are you all?

Hugs Kerry from Australia

by shirlener88 15 Aug 2010

CUTIEPIE, this looks great. How are the boys?