by tonilee 09 Aug 2010

Hi cuties, awhile ago i got a cute alphabet that was puppies, well i got some of them, and cant remember were i got them at? o no. well does any one have a clue, thanks in advance Tonilee


by keeponsewing 10 Aug 2010

Toni, I see them they are adorable. Thanks for this request.

by capoodle 10 Aug 2010

If you are able to upload a picture of the alphabet that should help us identify the set and site for you.

by jacquipaul 09 Aug 2010

Is it the counted cross stitch designs of Eddy Designs, with numbers ED07PP1001?

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lflanders by lflanders 10 Aug 2010

Was Eddy's designs counted xxx or machine xxx? I took them to be machine xxx and did not give it a 2nd thought. I have done counted xxx for many years but not anymore! I can not see to do it and with 3 machines sitting in my sewing room, this old lady with ARTHRITIS is sure not going to punish herself trying to do it by hand! I have done very little xxx on my machines but have NO intentions of ever trying to do any by hand again. I had about 4 or 5 boxes of preprinted designs on cloth plus tons of thread, and all kinds of kits that I gave to my best friend about 2 yrs ago. She loves to do it by hand. Of course she has not got an embroidery machine so she has no idea what she is missing. She has a picture of a hen in her nest with eggs and alot of details in a very large frame. I have beeged her to do one for me for many years just like it but I don't have one yet! heehee. Glenda is a lifetime best friend and she is 1 day older than I am. She was born on Christmas Day 1946. Glenda and Linda. Glenda is one of the dearest people I have ever known.

by keeponsewing 09 Aug 2010

Toni, I don't remember the puppies, but there were cute bears that sort of resembled puppies. Could that have been it?