by mel08 08 Aug 2010

Does anyone have a favorite place to purchase stabilizers? I am looking for water soluble sticky back...hopefully cheaper than the last roll I had to purchase...YIKES!!


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by whtsands 23 Aug 2010

I'm going to answer this question with another question. Does anyone know a place in the L.A., CA area or Santa Barbara, CA area where you can buy stabalizer (large rolls) at wholesale prices? Like downtown L.A. or any place in Southern CA or Central CA? I find big rolls on E-bay all the time, but the shipping cost is more than the stabalizer.

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by eastwitch2 23 Aug 2010

Here is a wonderful Video to watch done by Sonia Showalter which shows how to apply the Sticky Water Soluble Stabilizer to you hoop and also shows how to use it for her corner designs on Napkins with scalloped edges.
This is Part One.

This is Part 2


claudenicolas by claudenicolas 23 Aug 2010

Thank you for this link

mel08 by mel08 23 Aug 2010

This is my favorite way of doing odd sized items. It works so well.

by pcteddyb 21 Aug 2010

Thanks for asking the question - I bought Floriani at Christmas in July for 30% off but was still very expensive (and it is not on sale other than Christmas in July)!. Will look for feedback from anyone who bought from to see what they thought and may try it.

by claudenicolas 21 Aug 2010

Thank you for this question, I did not know that water soluble sticky back stabilizers could exist.
It can be very useful. I have seen that have this product and they seem cheap. Has someone already ordered here?

by eastwitch2 20 Aug 2010

You can find it at the link below.


by baydreamer 20 Aug 2010

I can fit my hoop under my sewing machine ( not the embroidery machine ) and use it for this type of basting... I draw on with water erase pen the lines to use to correctly line of the item to be basted. Not sure if u ever thought of this

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mel08 by mel08 21 Aug 2010

I use a basting stitch as a back up positioner, but over the sticky back water soluble. It works best when you are doing the type of embroidery I am doing.

by bevintex 20 Aug 2010

she sells sticky back at a decent price

by mel08 20 Aug 2010

So far this is one of the places that carries the product.

and of course Designs by Sick carries it also.

by mel08 09 Aug 2010

Thanks for all your great answers, but I am specifically looking for water soulble STICKY back...not just water soluble. I need it for my Fast Frames hooping system right now, as I am doing a heap of baby blanket and baby items and need for the stabilizer to disappear when I am done. Taping and gluing do not work in these frames, but you can embroider almost anything if you get the correct sticky back in place...and the good thing is that the needles do NOT gunk up.

So far the only place that is worth considering for pricing is DBS. I don't like putting out over $60 for a roll of stabilizer (12 inches by 10 yards). I will place an order and see how the quality of their water soluble sticky back compares with the Floriani that I am using now.

mary51 by mary51 09 Aug 2010

I saw the sticky soluble at this store see my early post

mel08 by mel08 20 Aug 2010

Nope. Called the store and they have not carried it. She didn't even know about it.

Oh, well. Back to putting out 60$ a roll for it again.


eastwitch2 by eastwitch2 20 Aug 2010

It is called SewnWash at the Embroidery Store.
Here is a link to it.


by shirlener88 09 Aug 2010


by mary51 09 Aug 2010

I bought mine at The Embroidery Store.

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 09 Aug 2010

That was where I was going to suggest, too.

by 02kar Moderator 09 Aug 2010

I understand all too well. I wait until I go home to purchase my stabilizer at my first dealer. You have lots of options so I hope 1 works out for you.

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mel08 by mel08 20 Aug 2010

I like to use really good stabilizers, because the end product is always better and when you scrimp, it usually makes the design kinda bunchy and wavy....not a pretty sight.

by phyl57 08 Aug 2010

design by sic has wws sticky..I thought it was a great price.

sbott54 by sbott54 09 Aug 2010

And the product is nice and sticky!

mel08 by mel08 20 Aug 2010

I am leaning towards purchasing some of his product. I still have a smidge left of my last roll.

by bevgrift 08 Aug 2010

Hi, to save my pennys, a dab of children's school glue-stick keeps things in place. Allow to dry a little while before embroidering. It is water soluable. The magic double sided tape can also be used.(we also use this tape on our hoops)
Save your expensive stabilizer for special or very tricky items.
From Bev

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dilceia by dilceia 09 Aug 2010

great idea!

by sodapop 08 Aug 2010

Try I don't know if it's cheaper but they are the best.

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mel08 by mel08 20 Aug 2010

Yes, they are, but yikes !!!!

They are the last resort.

by nanniesara 08 Aug 2010

Try Create for less. Not sure but it won't hurt to try. Let us know what you find.

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mel08 by mel08 20 Aug 2010

No luck.

by bevintex 08 Aug 2010

try this site. I have had good luck with them

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mel08 by mel08 20 Aug 2010

Yippee ! they have it !! and the price is ok.

by aldoom 08 Aug 2010

Look here I think I will try this. I was looking for this type and it is twice the amount for only pennies more with other sites add on shipping. Let us know of any bargain you find.

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mel08 by mel08 20 Aug 2010

They don't have WATER soluble STICKY either.

by marcellelewis 08 Aug 2010

There are some good suppliers on the Embroidery Websites Listing.