by auntydee 06 Aug 2010

Is anyone else having trouble with Yoriko's 2nd site? I can log on but nothing else comes up.


by holly12 06 Aug 2010

I haven't had any problems on either site. If you don't log in first and you get whatever you want, then go to checkout you can log in then and it brings you back to the checkout. Arlene

by sandralochran 06 Aug 2010

I log in then go back to the home page

by gerryvb 06 Aug 2010

I don't have problems , but at the end of the download procedure, go to my account and than to my downloads. There you can DL the designs.

by sewmom 06 Aug 2010

1. I was able to get the FSL cat P today. Is that the one you are talking about? You do have to log in and use the checkout for that one.

2. The peacock is on her first site and you click on it on the home page, then scroll down on the next page. If you don't know the password you click on "get Password".

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auntydee by auntydee 06 Aug 2010

I was able to bring up the entire page from your link here but still can't get to it from my bookmarked bit. Was trying to get the FSL cat O yesterday but have missed it. Can't bring up free button on checkout with the P. Will go with paypal as I think Yoriko could use it. Thanks for you help

by capoodle 06 Aug 2010

Been to the site and had no trouble. Maybe the glitch is worked out now.

by sharonleekesner 06 Aug 2010

I too am having trouble. The free button does not appear so I have no way to check out other than use the pay button. In frustration I quit going there. Love her designs and have ordered quite a few.

by edithfarminer 06 Aug 2010

just been there, where the letters are and all was fine for me

by nanniesara 06 Aug 2010

I just logged on and got the pencil on cute alpha and logged on to amazing and got my letter there also, are you having trouble on any other site?

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auntydee by auntydee 06 Aug 2010

No, only mygardened.