by cicadamn 04 Aug 2010

Please can someone tell me step by step how to upload one of my projects? I tried and have failed again. Thank You


by gillemmerson 04 Aug 2010

I have had problems and they are mainly that the original picture size is too big. You must have only 3m size photos otherwise nothing happens.

by keeponsewing 04 Aug 2010


by shirlener88 04 Aug 2010


by camylow 04 Aug 2010

take a picture of your design...upload it to whereever you save your pictures to...(I have a folder for pictures on my computer)

next click on on "UPLOAD YOUR PROJECTS" ...fill in the info you want...
once you have done that click on "BROWSE"...this is where you you will get your pictures you want to on your on tab "OPEN"...this will now go to your browse tab (on the cute site) click on "SAVE"...THEN CLICK ON SUBMIT...YOUR DONE....deanna