by gramy 29 Jul 2010

I am looking for an embroidery pattern of a christian type fish with a cross. I have posted picture in projects. I will not be selling the item. It will used in display at a Christian retreat


by gramy 30 Jul 2010

Thanks to everyone for your help. I have gotten the pattern from a local person who digitzed for the retreat . You are all so wonderful to come to the aid of fellow Cuties!!

by kalinelson 29 Jul 2010

I wish I could remember where I got one from....mine is in a block design....I've started putting the site with the download now but I just checked my files and this one doesn't have it....sorry....hope you find the perfect one for your project.

by sewmom 29 Jul 2010

1. small fish without cross
2. larger fish without cross
Sorry I don't know one with the cross. Perhaps you could ask dmuser to add a cross to one of these designs.

by keeponsewing 29 Jul 2010

Here is one with the cross going a different way. You could make the cross smaller and rotate it so it would work. This one isn't free, but it might work for what you need. You might be able to e-mail them and see if they can make one for you. all the best. Blessings... Terre

shilly by shilly 29 Jul 2010

Wow, that site is impressive! I didn,t know there were so many crosses in existence; thanks.

kalinelson by kalinelson 29 Jul 2010

I don't know why but I can't leave you a flower....this has happened worked fine for everyone else....sorry.

kalinelson by kalinelson 29 Jul 2010

okay I leave a note to you and then the flower pops up....go figure!

keeponsewing by keeponsewing 30 Jul 2010

Shilly I'm glad you liked that website. There were a lot of pretty ones. Janet, mine will do that sometimes too. I think it might be the website is on overload. hehehe...Where in Ga. R U from? My brother and SIL just moved back down today. She retired from LoveJoy HS...I live in upstate SC.

by shilly 29 Jul 2010

There are some free celtic,ornate crosses at secrets of embroidery if you do a search for cross at that site; there are other crosses at embroidery Hope that helps.

by nglover1 29 Jul 2010

Would the Christian Fish in designs by Cuties do ? * Good Luck Nancy

by gramy 29 Jul 2010

I have posted in projects a picture of the fish I need. I have checked suggested site below and was not able to find one yet. All help appreciated greatly

by embroiderymad 29 Jul 2010

There is a free in designs by cuties page 1. Don't think it had a cross.

by mary51 29 Jul 2010

There are some crosses in DBC, sewing4church yahoo group, Ann the gran archive check yesterday freebies for the link,

by amhorne 29 Jul 2010

Try Embroidery Library - I have a feeling I have seen something like this on that site.